This episode was really all about Will Arnett. The actor that any Arrested Development fan can't look at without cracking up guest-starred on his wife's sitcom as a nutty MRI technician.

Leslie had told Ann she was ready to date again after meeting Ann's lawyer pal, Justin. But would Ann set her up with him? No. We find out later that this is basically because Ann has been saving Justin for herself. Andy had a problem with the way she talked about him when they were dating, and Mark went through the same thing tonight.

With that issue out there, Ann set Leslie up with Arnett's Chris. The blind date started out badly enough at dinner, as Chris seemed enraged that Leslie went to Indiana University. (He's a Wisconsin man. Go Badgers!) He was then shocked to learn that Leslie has never had a MRI, which led the pair (naturally) to the hospital. Things got really weird from here.

With Leslie strapped in and Chris examining her images, he asked her very personal questions. He also kept talking about her impressive "oven" and how she could have triplets right now. The date ended without plans for a second, and Leslie once again asked Ann about Justin. She finally relented and set the two up for dinner, apologizing to Mark afterwards.

Elsewhere, Tom did a terrible job trying to find Ron an assistant. He only wanted someone that was cool (by Tom's definition) and had club connections. After almost punching Tom in the face for his final selection, Ron ended up choosing April for the gig. She promised to make sure he never took any meetings or dealt with any... people.

April told the camera she might as well get paid for being at the office, but we all know the reason she wanted the job: to hang out more with Andy!

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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I wanna punch you in the face so bad right now.

Ron [to Tom]

Chris: Are you on your period?
Leslie: No. Does that matter?
Chris: Not for this.