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Pawnee’s wealthy and well do neighbor Eagleton builds a fence to separate their nice, well to do park from Pawnee’s dirt lot. This causes Leslie to vow to do whatever it takes to bring the fence down. Which brings her ex best friend and now nemesis, Lindsay into play, who now works in Eagleton’s Parks Department.

This forces Leslie to try to convince Eagleton to bring down the fence during their own town hall meeting. Leslie ultimately fails and gets into a fist fight with Lindsay and spends the night in jail.

With Ann’s help Leslie comes up with a use for Pawnee’s side of the park and builds a baseball diamond with the high quality fence serving as the wall of the field.

Meanwhile, Leslie finally figures out when Ron’s birthday is and goes through convinces him she’s throwing him a huge surprise party which scares him. Instead, she surprises him with a big steak dinner, plenty of alcohol, and his favorite movie to enjoy with no distractions.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Fixed her "deviated septum" and lost 35 pounds. And lost something else... what was it again? Oh yeah, her soul.


Ron refuses to tell anyone when his birthday is. He's even had it redacted on all government documents.