Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation Season 8 Episode 0
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While the national parks have closed, Leslie continues to work and has set up a phone tree to stay connected to her friends in a time of social distancing.

Ben is staying at home with the children and writes a screenplay for a crossover of his Claymation shorts with the board game Cones of Dunshire.

The pair also do a media blitz to remind Pawnee citizens about the importance of social distancing, washing your hands, and prioritizing your mental health.

Ron has been staying in his cabin in the woods during this time and is enjoying the solitude. He also ties up his ex-wife Tammy II when he catches her spying on him and Diane, but she later escapes.

Ann is working as a nurse and self-isolating from Chris and their children in the house. Chris has also been donating blood.

April and Andy are at home, and Andy locked himself in the shed. Andy's Johnny Karate also appears on "Ya' Heard? With Perd."

Tom and Donna are enjoying life, while Garry is still the mayor of Pawnee.

Toward the end of the episode, Leslie becomes upset about everyone being separated, so they have a giant video conference call and sing "5,000 Candles in the Wind."


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Parks and Recreation Season 8 Episode 0 Quotes

Ben: The most incredible thing happened. OK, so today I’m cleaning the house and get dizzy from the cleaning supplies, and then I homeschool the kids -- but they don’t learn anything because of the dizziness. But then I had the most amazing idea. Do you remember this guy?
Leslie: Oh no.
Ben: Ah, but here’s the twist. Do you also remember this?
Leslie: Oh no, oh, no, no, no. Oh no, no, no.
Ben: Six words babe: Cones of Dunshire the Claymation movie. The entire story just popped into my head. This humble little nobody, living his life, walking around on a random Tuesday when suddenly he finds out from an ancient scroll that he is actually the Ledgerman.
Leslie: Honey, did you put all the caps back on the cleaning supplies?
Ben: Now, the title is either “Cones of Dunshire: The Ledgerman’s Ascent” or, of course, “Cones of Dunshire: The Curse of the Arbadoo’s Prophecy.”

Hi, my name’s Bobby Newport, and as you can see I’m in Switzerland at my family’s private hunting estate, but I haven’t caught any yet. They’re so fast. You get close, and it’s like, zoom, they’re gone.

Bobby Newport