A New Client - Party of Five
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  • Emilio gets an offer to cater an event at a rich woman's home in Beverly Hills. They have to shut down on one of their busiest days. 
  • The others are not happy about it. The tell him not to, but he's interested in the money they could earn. 
  • He and Beto check out the location, and after Beto meets teen Ella, he changes his mind and wants to do it. 
  • At the event, the client wants them to cater to Mexican stereotypes which is something that Emilio feels he has to put up with while Beto and Lucia are not happy about it. 
  • When the client's son catches Beto kissing Ella, he wants Emilio to fire Beto, and he refuses. He eventually understands why his father didn't do catering and had people come to him. He didn't sacrifice his dignity for more money. 
  • Beto asks Lucia to help him out more whne it comes to the girly stuff with Val after he buys Val a training bra. Lucia reluctantly agrees. 
  • Val wants to call her mom to get the menudo recipe. Lucia agrees to help Val, and when Lucia makes it Val says it's better than their mother's . This upsets Lucia who doesn't want to be anything like their mother. 
  • Lucia leaves to help the boys at the catering job, and Val calls Gloria. Instead a young girl answers and says that Gloria works fo rher parents and helps her with her homework. 
  • Val gets jealous and when the others return, she feels like she doesn't have a mom anymore and is upset that Lucia never wants to spend time with her. Lucia tries to explain that she doesn't want to do things like their mother or any girly things, and Val is too upset to understand. Beto comforts her. 
  • Emilio breaks up with Vanessa because he knows that he doesn't want this part of his life to be permanent. 
  • Ella comes to pick Beto up and take him for a ride. 
Party of Five
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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

If I had limited myself to women you haven't slept with or tried to sleep with, I would've had no one to call.


Beto: Can you maybe help out with Val sometimes? Like, at least with the girly stuff? I'm clueless. 
Lucia: Fine. I'll try.
Beto: What's a training bra train anyway? Don't they just know what to do on their own? Stupid question?