Helping Matthew  - Party of Five Season 1 Episode 3
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Family friend who owns businesses on the same street, Uncle Louie, let's Beto drive his former car.

Emilio looks at the books and finds out that they owe uncle Louie 30% of their earnings in perpetuity. He finds out Louie is the one who got them their liquor license.

Emilio gets out of that contract Louie and Javier had, but Louie wants his money for the quarter.

Emilio calls Louie out for taking ad advantage of Javier and their family. He refuses to give him the money and knows he can't sue because what he did was illegal.

As retaliation and to send a message, louie calls to warn them ICE is coming as he always does but they don't show.

Emilio goes to spend time at Vanessa's but she has a cat and he is allergic. They come to the house instead. Beto is not happy and accuses Emilio of ruining his happiness and using vanessa. The boys are at odds about it.

Emilio also argues with his father. While they're arguing, vanessa steps in to defend Emilio and that starts more issues. Emilio and Javier later make up with emilio telling his father he needs to be allowed to make mistakes.

Val is too reliant on talking to her parents multiple times a day and it interfere with school and her ability to function.

After Vanessa gives him advice, Beto tells his mom that she has to call Val less. Gloria agrees and lets Val down easy.

Lucia tries to help Matthew get a job and help him renew his status. He's afraid to do it because he might be taken in and deported.

A woman sells him her baby's social security number. Emilio let's him work at the restaurant.

The twins go for a ride one last time in Louie's car before returning it.

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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Emilio: Are you available to work nights and weekends?
 Lucia: He's available all the time.
Emilio: I'm sorry who is being interviewed here?

You can have any girl. You pretty much have had every girl. In the end, none of them mean anything to you. In the end, this one won't be any different. She could have meant something to me.