I guess the third Vanessa is the charm, huh?


You know what would help? Would you maybe kiss me?


You don't think it's weird that white people are asking us to dress in Mexican costumes?


That's my brother, and as long as I'm around, no one, and I mean no one, is going to talk to him like that.


Emilio: I don't want to break up, and I don't want to see anyone else.
Vanessa: Then what's the problem?
Emilio: One day I will. One day, I'll want to be with somebody else.
Vanessa: How do you know?
Emilio: Because I don't want everything I have in this moment to be everything I have.
Vanessa: And I'm the only thing that's optional?
Emilio: Can we just go back to the way things were?
Vanessa: I don't think I will like myself very much if I just agree to that.
Emilio: So what are you thinking?
Vanessa: I'm really going to miss your family.

Beto: Where are we going?
Ella: Wherever you like

Beto: Can you maybe help out with Val sometimes? Like, at least with the girly stuff? I'm clueless. 
Lucia: Fine. I'll try.
Beto: What's a training bra train anyway? Don't they just know what to do on their own? Stupid question?

If I had limited myself to women you haven't slept with or tried to sleep with, I would've had no one to call.


Lucia: I'm not a cook, OK?!
Val: What did I say? I don't understand! 

Lucia: What the hell are you wearing?
Emilio: It's fine.
Lucia: Excuse me? This is not fine. This hat is not fine.
Emilio: It's a little gross, ok. I can't exactly make a stink.
Lucia: Why would you have to make a stink? Simply just say "excuse me, ma'am, I feel uncomfortable dressing like a Mexican bobblehead."
Emilio: I don't need you to go all social justice warrior okay, Lucia?
Lucia: I can't have a point of view?
Emilio: Yes, you can have a point of view. Just keep it to yourself.

Val: That girl has two mothers. Two! And I don't even have one.
Beto: You still have a mother.
Val: Why did you leave me alone? I wouldn't have called her if you had been here.
Lucia: Emilio needed me.
Val: I needed you. We were having a good time, and then the second the phone rang, it was like you couldn't wait to get out of here.
Lucia: It's hard to explain. It's not about not wanting to spend time with you. It's about not wanting to be mommy. I don't want to be good at the things she's good at because what if it's all that I'm good at?

All our goodbyes so many times a day. They take every inch of space. Can you help me with that you think Valentina? Can you help me so I'm not just living to hear you and see you? Maybe that will make me strong enough to be in the world a little more.


Party of Five Quotes

Javier: There must be some mistake. We've been at this establishment for 18 years.
ICE Agent: I see, so you think the rules don't apply to you?
Javier: Officers have been here before. There's never been a problem.
ICE Agent: Well things have changed, Mr. Acosta. Let me see your papers.
Val: Mommy!
Gloria: Everything is going to be alright, mi amor, OK?
ICE Agent: I'm not going to ask you again.
Javier: I don't have any papers.

ICE Agent: We're not here for your employees, Mr. Acosta. We're here for you and your wife.
Javier: I don't understand.
ICE Agent: Let me see your papers, Sir.
Gloria: Did do we do something wrong?
ICE Agent: You Gloria Acosta?
Gloria: Yes.
ICE Agent: Let me see your papers Ma'am.