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Bobby is away with his wife at the Mayo clinic and Keri is acting mayor. She wants an easy day but deputy mayor Lloyd wants to revisit naming a street after civil rights activist Fred Hampton for the 50 anniversary of his murder.

Bobby previously shut it down, and Keri does as well.

Jeff is worried about Jessica being chauffeured around by Nick who is a presumed killer.

Jessica investigates the Carl Jefferies murder. She asks Keri about it which prompts Keri to talk to Pat. She wants to make sure Bobby and Nick aren't tangled up in it..

Pat meets up with Nick and tells him that he isn't studying Jessica, she has been studying him. He warns Nick to watch his back.

Nick speaks to Jessica about it and tells her he didn't kill Carl.

Jessica finds out that Nick paid Carl a payout to drop the legal case. Carl thought a fancy range rover.

After taking to Angela, Jessica joins her to speak to a gang leader who knows what happened to Carl. He owed a lot of people money and one of his dealers killed him. Jessica apologises to Nick.

Keri gets Derrick to give Lloyd the runaround. Lloyd and Derrick canvass the neighborhood for signatures. Lloyd explains that he and Fred were close friends and grew up together. Fres was killed by FBI at 21.

Lloyd wants people to know the history. But Keri reminds him that it would offend the cops to honor a polarizing figure.

Jessica offers to buy Angela and lillian a house in a nicer neighborhood. They take Jessica to church.

Nick confesses to a priest that he did have a Pat in someone's death possibly murder them. He's remorseful and struggling with it. The person is named Tommy.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Keri: Who gave him the money?
Pat: It's none of your fucking business.
Keri: If it's Bobby's brother, it's my business, since that tracks back to the mayor, and it's my job to protect him.
Pat: As city attorney or his girlfriend?

Jeff: These are dangerous people, Jessica. This is not your world.
Jessica: I know what I'm doing, Jeff.