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The tape recording Pat left Bobby is from the night Nick killed Tommy Diehl. Nick basically confesses. Nick listens to it and feels he should just give up because he's going to go down. Bobby doesn't want him to because it'll take him down too.. Nick is mad at Bobby for poking the bear and for letting Jessica get involved.

Nick lashes out at Jessica and she figures out that it has something to do with Pat retaliating. She asks him to tell her what is going on so she can help. Neither nick nor Bobby will tell her anything.

She asks Keri about it, but she doesn't know anything either. Keri asks Bobby to tell her what's happening but he refuses.

They get the ickarus account and Bobby makes a grand announcement against Derrick's advisement to goad Pat. Pat calls him out on it later.

Chan sees the demolition happening at the projects. He has figured out that Pat isn't as powerful as he claimed and backs out of their arrangement.

Pat tells Bobby that he needs to give him the ickarus account and that he will have to go kiss up to the head of ickarus for it which means Bobby can't go to the conference with Keri.

Jessica goes to Kramer the union leader she screwed over and wants to tibe home the work on the ickarus project in exchange for information about what happened to Diehl. He tells her to go to hell. She meets a woman running his dite named Mia, and when she next visits Mia is unpleasant with her too.

Derrick realizes that Jessica is trying to give Kramer the project and tells her that it needs to go to a minority owned business because that was a clause promised that the city hasn't followed through on and he wants to make sure this time this time they do.

Jessica figures out that she can give Mia $800K of her own money to help mia buy the majority of Kramer's business and they could get the project since it would then be minority owned by Mia a woman.

Kramer is pissed at first but realizes it may be his best bet after Jessica reminds him that times are changing. He tells her that McGann had Diehl killed but he got someone else to do his dirty work and alludes to her knowing who does it now.

Nick goes to confront Pat. He's hurt and angry that pat betrayed him since Pat has always been like his father more than Pete Novak. He killed Diehl because McGann told him to take care of it. They have it out and start tussling. Nick cracks a couple of Pat's ribs and leaves.

Pat has the chief of police reach out to bobby to get Nick punished. Bobby suspends Nick.

Jessica notices a new driver and has him take her to Nick's apartment. He's packing up his belongings in a car preparing to flee. She tells him she knows he killed Diehl and asks him to let her help, but he leaves anyway.

Yoli missed her meetup with an immigration lawyer when she gets swamped by work. Derrick tries to get her to talk to Jessica but she refuses.

She meets with finally and he takes her $1500 and claims he needs 600 more. She doesn't have it and he tells her she owe him later. She finds out later that he scammed her and took her money but wouldn't help. It's been happening a lot because the families have no one to report it to or don't have the means to fight back.

Derrick tells Yoli to tell Jessica the truth or he will.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nick: No one would shed a tear if he fell off one of his buildings.
Bobby: Listen to me. You stay away from him! I'll deal with Pat.

I'm the one on that. I'm the only one who will pay.