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Jeff is home for a visit and he and Jessica reconnect. 

Angela notices that they are starting construction at the apartment building while she's taking her kids to school. She calls Jessica and has her look into it because of her kid having asthma. 

Jessica goes to see Pat and demands to know why construction is being done. She figures out that he's not the one in power and that Albert Chan a billionaire developer from China is the one who wants the project to go forward. She figures out that Pat is broke and seeking funds overseas. 

She tells Bobby this, and they agree that it's time to find new donors to fund Bobby's campaign and to cut Pat out once and for all. 

Jessica tries to shmooze one potential donor over lunch, but he lost respect for Bobby when he started working with McGann. Even though if they got him on others would follow, he can't be persuaded. 

Bobby suggest they go to McGann's enemy, and he and Jessica have a sit down with Tom. He's impressed by Bobby's bold move, but he mentions what happened to Tommy Diehl. Jessica asks Bobby what the issue was with Diehl when they get back in the car and he says that people think McGann had him killed, but he doesn't believe it. 

Nick is looking shifty and uncomfortable. 

Jeff introduces himself to Nick and comes across territorial. He thanks Nick for looking after Jessica when he isn't around, and he gives Nick his card. 

Jeff isn't as enthused by Angela either. When he and Jessica had a dinner together, he reminds her that her family are strangers and he's her family. It doesn't go over well and Jessica doesn't want to choose. 

Jeff speaks to Angela alone and tells her to treat Jessica better. 

Bobby is jealous of Keri mentioning a date and that she slept with someone else.They hookup again and he asks her to join him on a work conference. 

Stephanie suspects he's having an affair. 

Yoli's mother is taken by ICE, and she breaks down to Derrick after Jessica makes him apologize to her for being rude about their last issue. 

Angela, Lillian, and the kids move in with Jessica when Jeff gives Angela his key. 

Pat leaves an envelope with a cassette tape at Bobby's house as blackmail. 

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Bobby: My guilt is over you. I don't want you putting your life on hold.
Keri: I'm not putting my life on hold.
Boby: You're talking about men?
Keri: Do you really want to have this conversation right now?

Was that him back there? Nick D'amato? You two seem pretty familiar.