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Maria, Mateo, and Josefina sit by Raul's bedside in the hospital.

Outside the hospital, Tiago and Lewis enter despite their fellow officers attempt to block Tiago. As he walks by, one spits in his face.

Inside, they find Captain Vanderhoff who has four dead police and no suspects. Lewis warns Tiago to keep the truth under wraps.

Tiago goes to find his family. In the hallways, the dead officers are guarded and mourned. He finds many, many bodies of Mexican-American protesters abandoned and stacked haphazardly in a dark room off to the side.

He joins his family after talking to the doctor. Maria is in denial that Raul may die. Mateo tells Tiago he saw him shoot Raul.

Tiago and Lewis sit down with Vanderhoff who instructs them to conclude the murder investigation quickly, whether or not they solve it.

In Townsend's office, the councilman tells Alex the motorway project is derailed since the riot made the construction site a crime scene and the murder has taken their builder out of the game. Alex talks him around to seeing the riot as an opportunity to become the hero of the people.

Tiago and Lewis visit the Temple of Joyful Voices to speak to Sister Molly about the Hazlett murders. They are taken through an office where huge amounts of money are being counted to meet Molly's mother, Miss Adelaide, who refuses to let them see her before her service.

Lewis convinces Adelaide to take him to Hazlett's workspace in the temple while Tiago stays in her office. Tiago doesn't stay in the office and,  instead wanders backstage at Sister Molly's service. He sees Molly before she begins the service, looking drained and exhausted before assuming a bright and energetic attitude when the curtain goes up.

Lewis continues to investigate Hazlett's office, asking Miss Adelaide questions which she answers tersely. He and Tiago leave believing that the Mexican connection to Hazlett's death is a distraction.

On the beach, Dr. Craft spots Elsa and her son and invites them to join him and his sons. Elsa's son is creepy. Elsa and Dr. Craft take a walk and talk.

At the hospital, Mateo is cornered by angry police when he's alone and Rico appears to rescue him from the attack. They talk and Rico offers him a spot in the Pachuco gang.

Townsend holds a press conference, using the deaths of the police officers to declare war on Mexican-Americans living in Los Angeles and fuel the building of the motorway.

Tiago tracks down Sister Molly in a Joyful Voices soup kitchen. He asks her about James Hazlett. Her personal security, Randolph, tries to intercede but Molly asks him to leave them to talk.

Lewis and a carfull of friends discuss the casting of Scarlett O'Hara in the upcoming film version of Gone With the Wind. They are staking out Goss and his associates and they spot someone new. They split up to follow the targets.

Dr. Craft is having sex with his wife when he suddenly sees her as Elsa which enflames more passion than his wife who is unimpressed afterwards with his ardor.

Molly and Tiago talk late into the night. Miss Adelaide and Randolph arrive to break up the chat and Miss Adelaide warns Tiago off. 

Lewis' friends end up in Beverly Hills while Lewis and Dotty follow their target to Cal Tech in Pasadena where he enters the physics research building and settles down to work in lab with a warning about explosive materials on the door.

In hospital, Maria lights black votives and prays to Santa Muerte at Raul's bedside.

On the road, high above the city, the car Lewis' friends are following stops suddenly and Goss' driver gets out and shoots them both dead then rolls the car down the hill to explode.

In hospital, Santa Muerte attends but Maria doesn't see her. Raul's bed is empty so Maria follows a trail of blood until she is confronted with a bloodied and unbandaged Raul who reaches out to her.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Neighbors said he didn't drink, didn't smoke, didn't run around with women. Who goes through the trouble of murdering someone so fucking boring?


Tiago: Lewis, you know who shot you.
Lewis: No, I don't. Neither do you. No one saw anything. No one did anything. No one shot anybody. You hear me, partner?