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Lewis convinces the coroner to delay his report while Lewis takes the bullets that killed his friends and grieves their deaths alone.

Raul is recovering at home and Mateo tells him about Tiago shooting him. Tiago visits.

Alex runs through Townsend's checklist to becoming mayor. Councilwoman Beck confronts him about his plans and swears to oppose him.

Molly rehearses for her next service and then dashes out despite her mother's best efforts to nail her down. Adelaide sends Randolph to follow her.

On the Cal Tech campus, Lewis examines Hazlett's ledgers and then grabs the young man who was spotted with the Nazis.

At the police station, Captain Vanderhoff finds Tiago working the Hazlett murder case on his day off and sends him home. As he leaves, he's spotted by Molly who's parked outside. She approaches him at the bus stop and they talk about Raul and the pressures of public service.

Lewis drives the student into a remote area and roughs him up for information on the Nazis. The boy drops the name Wernher von Braun.

Tiago takes Molly to Santa Monica Pier to escape for a while. He shares that he had two other siblings, Tomas and Gina, who died of cholera sometime after his seventh birthday. Randolph follows them from a distance.

Elsa and Frank miss their appointment with Dr. Craft and he becomes concerned, cancels his other appointments, and leaves to find them at home. He finds Frank crying on the front lawn and Elsa has been beaten up. He patches her up. Elsa claims the Jewish boys at school beat up Frank and her husband is frustrated that Frank won't fight back. Craft invites Elsa and Frank to his son's birthday party on Sunday. She says they would love to come. Craft starts to kiss Elsa but she protests and stops him.

Molly and Tiago's day is coming to an end and he kisses her.

Townsend and Alex meet with Goss and his man. Goss is secretive about the details of fundings Townsend's campaign in exchange for the contract to build the motorway. Townsend demands that they kill Councilwoman Beck.  Goss frightens Townsend with a Reich speech and Alex has to run to catch him at his car. He drives away and she transforms into Magda and destroys several storefronts in anger.

Mateo dresses up and heads to The Crimson Cat to see Fly Rico. He's drawn into the music and dancing and Fly Rico finds him and introduces him to the Queen of the Pachuca, Rio, another Magda persona. They're dancing when the police raid the club, arresting everyone for breaking a new curfew imposed on all Mexican-Americans. Rio throws a punch and starts a riot while she, Fly Rico, and Mateo escape.

Molly sneaks into her home after dark but Miss Adelaide is waiting. She makes it clear she knows everything Molly's been up to and who she was with.

In an alley, Rio pushes Rico to start a race war. Mateo is on board.

Tiago finds Lewis drinking in a bar. Lewis buys him a drink and tells him that he's taking a few days off to bury his friend, Anton. Then he reveals that Molly and Hazlett were having an affair. Hazlett used church funds to buy a love nest in Malibu.

Tiago takes the valise with the ledgers back to his place to examine them.

Townsend goes to a gay men's hang-out and finds a young man to hook up with.

Mateo gets s Pachuco tattoo.

Tiago is disheartened as he comes to the same conclusion as Lewis.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Beck: And now you think you're going to get that road built on the graves of four dead cops and eight dead Mexicans.
Townsend: Yes, ma'am. I call it healing this city's wounds in concrete and asphalt.

Mateo: Tell you what? If I was a Pachuco, I would slit his throat for what he did.
Raul: That is your brother. You respect him. You think he wanted any of this? Jesus Christ, I'd rather be any fucking thing in this world than Tiago. He's not one of us. He's not one of them. He's a cop. He's a Chicano. He doesn't know what the fuck he is. You want to see a hermano? You look in his eyes. You be kind.