Santa Muerte and Child - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
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Santa Muerte walks the streets of Ensenada, Mexico. A little girl turns to smile at her. Two men arrive and kill everyone there then drive off. Santa Muerte leaves with the little girl's body.

Tiago stops Officer Reilly from beating a Chicano boy to death in an interrogation room but the Captain demands that Tiago find the Hazlett family killer before he'll order them to stop arresting Mexican-Americans.

At City Hall, Councilwoman Beck proposes the motorway be built along a different route, bypassing Belvedere Heights. This enrages Townsend and sends Alex into damage control mode. Townsend raises his voice to her when she balks at canceling a speaking engagement.

Lewis discusses his plans with Dot and tells her that he's approached Benny Berman, a Jewish gangster, for help.

Dr. Craft sees Elsa and Frank arrive at his son's birthday party where Craft friends are discussing the best way to promote Nazi sentiments in America. She attracts the attention of Herr Ackerman and joins the Bund men where she leads them in a beer hall song. This attracts Linda Craft's attention.

Tiago searches Molly's beach house, noting it is set up for a couple obviously having sexual relations. Molly arrives and admits to the affair but not to killing Hazlett and his family. She tells Tiago they can't be together and she never wants to see him again.

Linda warns Elsa that Peter isn't who he seems to be and warns her off trying to displace her in the house. Peter follows Elsa into the house and finds her in the study where they have sex.

Lewis and Dot are at Anton's grave when Benny rolls up with his entourage. Lewis and Benny talk about the Nazis and the Cal Tech students.

The boys at Tom's birthday sleepover are telling scary stories and Frank volunteers to tell one. He tells the story of Florence Moore and it gives Tom nightmares.

Townsend is leaving a male prostitute's room when Goss's driver appears in the doorway and shoots the prostitute and drags Townsend out.

Josefina and Mateo are attacked by Reilly and other officers. They hold Mateo while Reilly gropes and violates Josefina. They leave and Josefina swears Mateo to secrecy.

Tiago and Raul talk about Molly. Mateo and Josefina arrive and Maria discovers Mateo's tattoo. The family argues while Josefina zones out. Mateo storms out and Josefina tries to talk to her mother but Maria can't listen. Josefina walks out and sees one of Sister Molly's posters.

Goss's driver takes Townsend to a motel and they have sex. A camera is filming them through a mirror on the wall, overseen by Alex.

At the Crimson Cat, Mateo tells Rio and Rico about what Reilly did to Josefina. One of the Pachuco girls tells them she knows where Reilly's current girl is living and Mateo and Diego, the Chicano Reilly beat up at the police station, want to get him back for his actions.

At Molly's service, she incites the congregation while Adelaide watches from the side of the stage. Josefina is in the seats and rises to seek her blessing.

Lewis gets black bagged in his home and taken to see Benny. Benny shows him a beat-up man, Schiff, who was one of the killers in Ensenada. Turns out he's a Jewish arms dealer who sold the weapons he hijacked to the Nazis in L.A. Benny demands that Lewis kill Schiff. Lewis refuses. Benny kills Schiff and leaves with his men.

Rico and the Pachucos bust down the door on Reilly and his girl. Rico cuts him then lets Diego beat on him. Finally, he tells Mateo to kill Reilly and gives him a blade. Mateo does it in a bloody fashion. They dump his body outside the precinct.

Alex and Goss review the footage of Townsend.

Tiago finds Molly washing dishes and she offers to let him dry.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not who you want me to be. Well, I'll tell you, friend, I'm not who anyone wants me to be. I am only who I am and that woman needs you, needs you to leave her in peace.


German: The Jews own the radio.
Mr. Ackermann: Not the Catholic stations. We talk to them. We talk to the Episcopals. We talk to the Baptists. We talk to that woman with the temple.
Dr. Craft: Oh, now you have us working with a radio show cult.
Mr. Ackermann: With the Devil himself if he will give us a microphone.