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Tiago and Lewis decide the hit was put on them by the Nazis.

Townsend's given up and Alex tries to encourage him. Her plan is for him to go to his father for help.

Peter and Elsa decide to take the boys to see a movie. Once she's alone with Maria, Elsa spills a drink

Lewis goes to Goss's private club to confront him. Goss turns the tables when he reveals that he knows where all of Lewis's family lives and even informs him that his daughter is currently pregnant with her third child.

Molly and Tiago walk the beach, talking. Molly decides she wants to go out somewhere with Tiago and have fun.

Townsend drives to his father's palatial home to ask for his support in changing City Council's mind on the motorway route as well as his campaign. His father refuses, citing Townsend's weak nature.

Lewis pays Benny Berman a visit.

Raul meets Maria bus when she returns from work. Seeing his depression over his slow recovery, she insists that he take her out on the town.

Lewis checks in with Dottie before taking Diego to San Quentin.

Raul and Maria go dancing at The Crimson Cat where they bump into Josefina with her newly-dyed red hair. The Pachucos arrive, with Mateo in the lead, wearing his new zoot suit. He and Maria reconcile.

Dot and Brian play mahjong where he mentions that he's already figured out the rocket equations and has moved onto something much bigger. Kurt creeps around the back of the house and sees them playing. He's about to bust in with a gun when a car drives up. Dottie sees the car's light and prompts Brian to get ready to move. Berman comes to the door with his men and escorts Brian to his car.

Peter, Elsa, and the boys drive through slow traffic to the cinema and Peter tells them about the first time he saw moving pictures and how it filled him with hope that he could travel the world.

Tiago takes Molly to The Crimson Cat where he spots Maria and Raul. They make introductions. Tiago goes to for drinks and Rico approaches him at the bar.

At the table, Maria realizes who Molly is. She is upset and Tiago tries to talk her down but when Mateo and Josefina come back, things get heated again. Tiago finally has enough and lays it out clearly that he loves Molly and they all need to accept that. The family accepts it and the healing begins as they all take to the dance floor.

In the LAPD paddy wagon, the police escort turns on Lewis, locking him to the vehicle, and grabs Diego. They lynch him in Belvedere  Heights and drive off.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Lewis: My fucking car.
Tiago: You'll get you another car.
Lewis: Ahhh, this is a V12! You know how much hustling I had to do to get a V12? Damn tragedy, is what this is!

If you ask me, that woman's capable of pretty much anything under the sun and the big, black midnight.