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An American cowboy is asked by a mysterious woman to help with an equally mysterious task, saying only that she needs someone familiar with the use of a gun. The woman is Vanessa and the cowboy Ethan, who is subsequently introduced to Sir Malcolm. Malcolm is searching for his missing daughter and takes Ethan to an underground world full of monsters. When they kill one creature, they find Dr. Frankenstein and Malcolm asks or his help to do an autopsy on the man/monster. 

Frankenstein uncovers hieroglyphics, which art partially translated and connected to the Egyptian book of the dead. Vanessa asks Ethan to keep working for them, but he wants to return to his old life. Malcolm has better luck recruiting Frankenstein to their quest, especially after the doctor discovers that Malcolm is looking for his missing daughter. In the end, Frankenstein returns to his lab, where he has a body on ice and hooked up to electricity. One flash of lightning and his creature is brought to life. 

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Ethan: You have a name?
Vanessa: Yes.

Ethan: You have made my visit truly memorable. I shall never forget you.
Woman: Perhaps you'd like to know my name, then.