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A housemaid discovers Gladys Murray's dead body and lets out a blood-curdling scream.

Elsewhere, Evelyn snips Sir Malcolm's hair and crawls back into bed. "Sleep tight dear, you're going to have a challenging day" she whispers.

Victor wakes to the sound of Lily humming and fixing breakfast. Dorian decides to host a lavish ball in Angelique's honor. "You deserve a proper coming out" he tells her.

Sir Malcolm arrives at his residence and learns his wife is dead. Vanessa and Ethan are shocked by his strange questions and quickly realize he is not himself. We soon learn Evelyn has created a fetish in his likeness, to which she attaches the lock of hair.

At the wax museum, Lavinia Putney holds Caliban/John Clare's hand and realizes he is unnaturally cold.

Mr. Roper visits Ethan and threatens to return him to his father in the States. The man implies he will scalp Ethan's loved ones if he resists.

While Vanessa and Victor go over the relics, she mentions meeting Mr. Clare which surprises him. Vanessa asks about Lily and the good doctor explains their relationship is not without complications. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door and Dorian enters with an invitation to his ball.

Though Vanessa seems unsure at first, Dorian informs her there's a woman he'd like her to meet. "Seems the world is filled with romance these days" Vanessa says.

Mr. Lyle warns Evelyn that Ms. Ives will be at the ball. "The time comes when the spider must touch the fly" the Nightcomer replies.

Putney's wax museum reopens to the public, and Ethan's curiosity gets the better of him. He stares at the Mariners Inn massacre display in shock. Inspector Rusk appears and questions Ethan regarding the accuracy of the scene. He goes on to accuse Ethan of being involved and promises to prove it.

The night of the event, Dorian's ballroom is flooded with guests waltzing and enjoying themselves. Dorian and Angelique make their grand entrance to thunderous applause.

Victor and Lily arrive, and soon the couple find themselves chatting with their host. Both Lily and Dorian seem to remember one another. "Do you like the room?" Dorian asks Lily while dancing. "All those paintings looking down make me a bit nervous" Lily confesses. "I have the strangest sense we've met before. Do you think that's possible? In some other life time?" Dorian asks her.

As with Ms. Putney and Caliban/John Clare earlier, Dorian notices Lily's hands are cold to the touch.

Things take a bit of a turn when Vanessa arrives at the ball. As Evelyn approaches, Vanessa experiences an odd sensation. The two women discuss how changed Sir Malcolm appears lately. While the other Nightcomers look on intently, Mr. Lyle warns Ms. Ives she's in danger and offers to escort her home. Vanessa begins to feel unwell as Hecate and the others close in. She experiences a disturbing vision of downpour inside the ballroom and watches as everyone is soaked in blood. Vanessa collapses and Victor rushes to her side.

At Sir Malcolm's mansion, Ethan asks Sembene to chain him downstairs in the cellar and to simply watch him. He transforms and lunges at Sembene.

Penny Dreadful
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