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Lily visits a cemetery where a woman is laying her young daughter to rest. She comforts the woman with a speech and then leaves. On her way out, she leaves flowers on a grave marked Sarah Croft 1890-1891.

Renfield creeps up to Vanessa, who is sleeping on a chair in the museum after her tryst with Dr. Sweet, and licks her neck, eager to bite her. Dracula/Sweet arrives and grabs Renfield by the neck, shaking his head no at him. Renfield scampers out. Sweet wakes up Vanessa and suggests they leave before the staff arrives. They kiss sweetly.

Vanessa returns home, where she finds Mr. Clare, who needs a friend to talk to. He explains a bit of his predicament -- that he had an "accident," causing him to be disfigured and forget his family. He is fearful of opening himself back up to his family, for fear of their rejection. Vanessa reassures him that he should give them a chance. She also mentions to him that they'd met before, in the Banning Clinic, and that he was very kind to her once. Mr. Clare doesn't remember. They encourage one another to seek out love, no matter the risk.

In America, Kaetenay tries to convince Ethan that there is still a battle ahead and that he will go with Ethan to assist him, though Ethan is insistent that he is done with the fight. He explains that a woman he loved (Vanessa) offered her heart and he rejected her; he wants to make that right. Kaetenay insists that Ethan is an Apache -- the one Apache who can fight against the encroaching darkness. He suddenly has a vision of Vanessa in danger -- he sees Ethan rushing into the house in London and Vanessa telling him it's too late. Creatures break through the windows suddenly. He tells Ethan and Malcolm that she is in danger.

Lily and Dorian host a dinner at Dorian's house, for all the women Lily has collected together. Dorian looks distinctly annoyed and uncomfortable at the assembly. Lily tells a story to the group of old women back in Ireland being sentenced to death for their death lamentation ritual. She riles everyone up and commands them to each find a bad man, cut off his hand, and bring it back to her. Dorian continues to look uncomfortable.

Mr. Clare approaches his wife Marjorie after she gets out of work. After initial shock, she embraces him warmly, to his surprise and relief. He tells her his story. They discuss Frankenstein's actions in bringing him back. Mr. Clare insists he has done terrible things, but his wife reassures him that he is still the same man and is home now.

Hands are piled on the table at Dorian's house as Lily's women frolic and dance together, in celebration. Dorian and Justine have a confrontation. Dorian threatens her. Lily closes the door on him when he seeks her, to comfort one of the crying women. Dorian puts on his jacket and leaves.

Marjorie prepares her son for the return of his father, Mr. Clare, warning him that it'll be a shock. When Mr. Clare enters the room, little Jack is shocked silent and just stares at him. Mr. Clare starts working on the boat that Jack is working on (as they used to do before his death). Jack grabs his hand and hugs him, each of them crying.

Malcolm and Ethan tell Kaetenay about Vanessa. Kaetenay performs a ritual and manages to appear to Vanessa in the house in London. He assures Vanessa that he, Ethan, and Malcolm are coming for her. He tells her to resist the creatures of the night that are gathering around her. Her eyes flash red, evil. Kaetenay snaps awake, back in the boat, and tells Sir Malcolm to use his money and influence to get the captain to go faster, saying that Vanessa is already half "the Dragon's." Kaetneay warns Ethan that Vanessa is damned, but Ethan insists she will not be while he is alive.

Renfield creeps up on Dr. Seward as she is listening to tapes from Vanessa' hypnosis session. She believes Vanessa has split personalities and manifested three of them in that one session. Renfield acts suspiciously and Seward dismisses him warily.

Catriona visits Vanessa with new information on Dracula. She tells Vanessa not to take as fact any of the written information about Dracula, because much of it was invented by peasants (such as Dracula not being able to walk in daylight). Catriona tells her that in his human form, he can be defeated like any man. She counsels Vanessa that it will be Vanessa's job to get close to Dracula, in order to defeat him that way. She also mentions that Dracula is said to dwell in the house of the night creatures. That tips Vanessa off and Catriona realizes that Vanessa knows who Dracula is now.

Dorian and Lily go out on the town together and argue about the women crowding the house. Dorian tells her that he's bored with her revolution. He tells her that they're at a point where one of them must change their ways and he believes it should be her. At that moment, Frankenstein pops out of a nearby carriage driven by Jekyll and drugs her, dragging her unconscious into the carriage with Dorian's help.

Lily awakens and angrily lashes out at the men who have caught her and made her their captive. Frankenstein tells her that they're going to make her better -- taking away her rage and making her into a proper woman.

Ethan and Malcolm discuss Malcolm killing Ethan's father for him. Ethan thanks him and mentions that he thought he'd be capable of killing his father, but simply couldn't. When asked if he'd go back and turn the other way, never having met Vanessa or Malcolm, Ethan says he wouldn't, having known grace with the two of them.

Vanessa goes to the empty museum at night to confront Dracula. Dracula tries to convince her that he never lied to her and that she fell in love with the man he is. Dracula assures her that he loves her for who she is and wants her to embrace herself. She gives in and allows him to feed from her.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Vanessa: People are better than we think.
Mr. Clare: Do you believe that?
Vanessa: Almost.

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Please know that the day a good woman will have to undergo such indignity is almost past. We will not have to suffer our children to starve and freeze and die dishonored on cold hills. We will not be hungry forever. We will rise. And know that your daughter rests in good company.