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Following Ethan's and Sir Malcolm's departures, Vanessa allows the house to fall into a state of extreme disrepair and stops taking care of herself. She only leaves her bed to retrieve a basket of food and milk from the doorway, eating like an animal. Ferdinand Lyle shows up at the house and Vanessa reluctantly lets her in. He's shocked to see her and the house in such a state. He tells her that Tennyson has died and suggests that Vanessa allow him to make her an appointment for a "mental doctor" that Lyle himself once saw, who helped him in the past. Vanessa gets teary and lays her head in Lyle's lap. He comforts her.

Inspector Rusk and an American marshal escort Ethan via train in New Mexico. Rusk and his British associate go to get tea in the dining car. Several other men on the train, in other cars, pull guns and enter Ethan's car, shooting the men guarding him, as well as nearly everyone else on the train (except for Rusk and his man and Hecate, who is also there, posing as a "defenseless female.") One of the gunslingers tells Ethan welcome home and knocks him out with the gun. The gunslingers sling unconscious Ethan over the back of a horse and ride away.

Sir Malcolm writes Vanessa a letter from Zanzibar, where he's just buried Sembene. He comments on Africa being changed, and dislikes it now. He drinks at a bar and a man follows him out. He's approached by a woman with a baby, who offers him sex in exchange for money. When he refuses, she pulls a weapon on him. She's shot dead by men who intervene and attack Sir Malcolm themselves. A Native American intervenes in the fight and helps Sir Malcolm fight off and kill the attackers. After the fight, he greets Sir Malcolm by name.

In the middle of the arctic, on a stranded boat, Caliban huddles below deck apart from a group of men also below deck as they debate cannibalizing the frozen dead that are on deck. He intervenes when one of the men in favor of cannibalizing moves to kill a dying boy, so they can eat him. Caliban comforts the boy, singing him a song. He has a vision or memory of himself, as a normal man, singing the same song to a sleeping boy as a woman watches, and gasps, snapping out of it. He breaks the boy's neck to put him out of his misery and allow him to die quickly, then leaves the boat, walking across the ice to go home.

In Zanzibar, the Native American introduces himself to Sir Malcolm as Kaetenay. He demands that Sir Malcolm come with him to New Mexico, to help Ethan. He explains that Ethan is almost a son to him (Kaetenay) and that Sir Malcolm's destiny is to fight the demons of earth and sky.

Ethan wakes up and speaks with one of his "liberators." He realizes that the men were hired by his father, and the man confirms it.

Dr. Jekyll goes to visit his old friend, Victor Frankenstein, at Victor's invitation. Victor is in a state of drug-addled disarray.  Jekyll is familiar with Victor's "old work," and Victor tells him that he's had success. Victor tells Jekyll the whole story about his unfortunate work with re-animation.

Vanessa attends the appointment that Lyle has made for her with Dr. Seward, a woman who is identical to Vanessa's old friend, the late Joan Clayton the Cut-Wife in appearance, shocking Vanessa. Dr. Seward notices that Vanessa is pathologically scratching at her hand. Dr. Seward is very brash and straightforward, explaining the details of how their sessions will work if they go forward. Vanessa brings up Joan Clayton and Dr. Seward confirms that the Claytons were her ancestors, centuries ago. Seward correctly pinpoints the root of Vanessa's problems and send her out, to return for their appointment the next day, with an instruction to do something different that day.

Victor shows his laboratory to Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll is upset that he hasn't heard from Victor in years. Victor explains that he's called Jekyll there to help him destroy Lily. Jekyll claims that he is not a killer, but Victor brings up when they were younger, in school, and Jekyll would ruminate on their bullies, his potential victims. Jekyll explains that he's worked since then, as a brilliant chemist, to control neurological impulses. He offers to cure Lily and tame/domesticate her instead of destroying her. He invites Victor over to his laboratory, to witness his "miracles." Victor agrees to that, but makes Jekyll promise that if they fail, they will destroy Lily.

Vanessa walks through the street, followed closely by a very pale vampire. The pale vampire nods at a pale young boy who intercepts Vanessa and sells her a death ribbon in memory of Tennyson. Vanessa is visibly unnerved by the child after he calls her "my beloved."

Vanessa goes to see an exhibit of taxidermied animals. She stops in front of the scorpions and is intercepted by a very talkative zoologist, Dr. Alexander Sweet, the Director of Zoological Studies. She's intrigued as he continues on about all kinds of interesting zoological facts. He's called away by an associate, leaving Vanessa smiling.

Vanessa returns to the house, reinvigorated, and decides to clean it up and let in the light. She writes Sir Malcolm a letter, confessing that she hadn't been honest in her previous letters, and that she was not doing well. She suspects that Ethan is gone from their lives forever and ruminates on her absence of faith. She smokes and looks out the window, quoting Tennyson.

Dr. Seward's secretary, Renfield, leaves the office and goes out into the streets. He finds a woman and offers her money in exchange for having violent sex with her. A shadow arrives, knocking the woman down and spiriting Renfield away. The two vampire familiars who followed and spoke with Vanessa earlier confront him, as other vampires swarm around him. The vampires scatter when the Master approaches, unseen. The Master bids Renfield to look at him and induces Renfield to tell him about Vanessa Ives. When Renfield says he knows nothing about her, the Master instructs Renfield to learn all her secrets and report back to him. He demands Renfield offer him his neck and then introduces himself as Dracula.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I already know what's wrong with you. You're unhappy. You're isolated. You think you're the cause of this unhappiness and are unworthy of affection so you've few friends. Recently you lost something you think very important. Your lover, your faith, your family, or all three. You blame yourself for this, so it makes you neurotic, and you don't sleep and don't eat, anything healthy anyway. You used to take care of your appearance, but you've lost interest in that, so you avoid mirrors. Sunlight bothers you, so you avoid that too, about which you're guilty because you think it's unhealthy and even immoral not to like the sun. You're not a woman of convention or you wouldn't be here, but you like to pretend you are so people don't notice you. But you sometimes like that as well and can dress to draw the eye. But then you think the men who look at you are fools, or worse, to be taken in by such an obvious outward show. So instead, you're drawn to dark, complicated, impossible men, assuring your own unhappiness and isolation because, after all, you're happiest alone. But not even then, because you can't stop thinking about what you've lost, again for which you blame yourself. So the cycle goes on, the snake eating its own tail. Or you can just have your teeth fixed.

Dr. Seward

Life, for all its anguish, is ours, Miss Ives. It belongs to no other.

Ferdinand Lyle