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Sadly, Sembene did not survive the "Wolf of God's" attack.

With Evelyn looking on, Vanessa faced off against Lucifer in the guise of her fetish doll. The demon called her a murderer, and confessed that he missed her. Ms. Ives quickly realized that he could not take her soul, she had to give it freely.

In order to better tempt her, Lucifer offers Vanessa the life she desires. She has a vision of her children and Ethan living happily together.

Realizing this dream could never be, Ms. Ives begins her attack using the Verbis Diablo. The room shakes furiously as Hecate stands by waiting to release Ethan.

Elsewhere, Sir Malcolm and Victor face their sins. Their families assault them with accusations and plead with them to take their own lives. "You have the engines of the future all around you" Caliban tells Victor. "The needle. The scalpel. The noose" Lily continues.

Once Vanessa defeats the demon, Evelyn begins to wither and age. Hecate releases Ethan and he rushes in slashing the witch's throat. Curiously, the wolf does not harm Vanessa. His expression softens and he runs away.

Mr. Lyle shoots another witch dead. Finally, Sir Malcolm and Victor are released from the enchantment. The survivors regroup and head home.

Back at Sir Malcolm's estate, Ethan asks Vanessa if she knows what he is. "Yes, and here I stand" she replies. Though she begs him to stay by her side, Ethan decides to turn himself in to Inspector Rusk.

The inspector informs Ethan that he already had an extradition order in place. Mr. Chandler is heading back to America.

After being offered a deal by the Putneys, Caliban brakes out of his cell and kills the husband and wife. He spared Lavinia, who is heard screaming for her father.

Victor returns home to find Lily missing. He heads to Dorian's mansion and finds the pair cheerfully dancing. In a rage, he shoots Lily, who admits she remembers everything about her creator. Victor then shoots Dorian, who laughs and tells him he's got to do better than that. The couple ultimately decides to spare the doctor, and let his demons get the better of him.

Sir Malcolm sails to Africa to bury his friend, while Caliban is seen on a ship traveling north. Inspector Rusk accompanies a caged Ethan home to the United States.

Vanessa enters her room, takes her crucifix off the wall and tosses it in the fire.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Caliban: You have the engines of the future all around you.
Lily: The needle. The scalpel. The noose.
Mina: The gun to the temple.
Gladys: Take your razor and slit your throat.
Peter: Join your family.
Mina: The final tombstone on the hill.
Lily: A sip of poison from the amber bottle.
Gladys: A single bullet under the chin.
Caliban: There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.
Proteus: Walk into the river. Let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.

Vanessa: And all of this; the witches, the attacks, just to bring me here.
Lucifer: I've missed you Vanessa.
Vanessa: No, no you need me to agree. You can't take my soul. I have to give it.
Lucifer: You must give it freely, and of your own accord.