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On this week's episode of Perception…

Agent Moretti calls in Dr. Pierce to work on a cold case that is no longer cold: A killer that is fixated on girls believing them to be "the one" before he soon decides to kill them.

There was one survivor, Lacey Penderholt, she was grabbed in 1986 but she wasn't killed. She had a psychotic break that prevented her from saying anything.

Unfortunately, Lacey believes that she is still in 17. She has a rare disease in which she has trouble creating new memories.

Pierce decides to bring her back to her mom's home and try and let her believe she's where she belongs, in order to ask her questions about her kidnapping.

After hallucinations of bikes, Pierce comes to the conclusion that the biker in the photos of 1986 taken in the park is the killer. He realizes that the reason the killer stopped for 26 years was because he was married and his wife recently died.

Moretti saves the newest kidnapped girl and shoots the killer.

Lewicki comes to an understanding with Moretti that they both help Pierce by giving him puzzles to solve.

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Perception Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Which comes first? Yesterday or tomorrow?

Daniel Pierce

You're the professor who she had a crush on the whole time in college.

Joe Moretti