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On this week's Person of Interest...

It’s 2010, and Finch and his partner, Rick Dillinger, track down a person of interest, Daniel Casey, who happens to have been working for the government in trying to hack the Machine.

Reese, still with the CIA, and Kara are assigned to kill Casey.

Decima also wants Casey to question him.

Dillinger rescues Casey, and Finch learns he was able to get some code after hacking the Machine.

Upset with being in the dark, Dillinger takes Casey’s computer which he plans to sell, the same computer that winds up in Ordos that Reese and Kara are later sent to get before being taken care of.

Control and Special Counsel send in Shaw to take out Dillinger and the buyers. They were also behind Nathan Ingram's death.

Reese, rather than kill Casey, believes he isn’t a traitor and helps him escape.

Flashforward to 2014, and Root has found Casey. She plans to send him to Columbia.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Something about killing a citizen makes me want to kick back on the beach.


You knew I was a shark when you hired me. Don't be surprised when I smell blood in the water.