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On this episode of Person of Interest...

The Machine gives the POI team a number involving foster kids who happen to have stolen the Brotherhood’s money.

Reese, with the help of a DEA agent track the kids down before they can get killed.

Unfortunately, the DEA agent is a mole working for the Brotherhood and finds the location of the money and runs off.

The boy reveals that he is trying to hire a lawyer to help get his mom out of prison on an unregistered gun charge. Turns out, the gun is his.

While he tries to make a deal with the Brotherhood, Reese steps in to save the day.

Shaw attempts to follow Mini back to the leader, Dominic. Turns out, Mini is Dominic.

The brother and sister are saved, but Dominic, who also ends up killing the DEA agent for crossing them, wants to get the brother back to their side.

Finch meets with Elias and warns him of big changes happening.

Person of Interest
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