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On the season finale of Person of Interest…

Fusco manages to escape from Dominic and the Brotherhood.

Dominic demands to meet with Finch.

The Machine puts Reese in God Mode and he manages to take out the Brotherhood members.

Fusco returns with the police and Dominic and Elias are arrested.

Root and Finch attempt to pull together supplies to try and save the Machine.

Reese arrives to team up with Root and Finch.

They discover that the Machine is dying and it is going to compress itself in order to save itself.

Samaritan agents try and take out the POI team.

Control thinks she gets the upperhand with Greer, but he reveals the correction isn’t an attack. It was a test to get rid out people in the way of bettering the world.

Control and some of her followers are taken out. Elias and Dominic are killed.

The POI team face off with more Samaritan agents, leaving with the reduced Machine.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

The Machine is dying.


The Machine: Can you hear me?
Reese: Hell yeah.