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On the season premiere of Person of Interest…

Reese is on the run from Samaritan agents. He has the Machine.

Reese runs into Finch and the two manage to take the ferry on their way back to the subway hideout.

Finch has flashbacks to the early days of the Machine, including his concerns about its powers and it being used for evil. Finch decides to erase its memories to keep the Machine in check despite Nathan telling him the Machine can do good things.

Fusco is interrogated by the FBI and internal affairs about the deaths of Dominic and Elias.

The internal affairs agent is killed off by Samaritan, and Fusco is cleared from the case.

Reese tells Fusco to lay low.

Root runs into a former employer and asks for his help in getting a new identity.

He decides to team up with Samaritan before Samaritan agents kill him.

Reese arrives to rescue Root. She steals Playstation game consoles knowing they will be needed to save the Machine.

Finch, Reese and Root save the Machine’s source code.

Person of Interest
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