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On this episode of Person of Interest…

Terry Easton, is threatened by a voice, who Finch and Reese have encountered before, who kidnapped his wife and wanted him to set off a bomb.

It’s all about getting to one of the voice’s contracted hitmen who knows the identity of the voice.

Elias decides to help Finch find the voice.

Turns out Easton is the voice, and he set it up to get to the hitman.

Fusco and Reese team up to battle the gang members have have taken over the precinct so Easton could get to his target.

Fusco takes a bullet for Reese.

Finch tracks down Easton, and as Easton drives away, Elias blows up his car.

Reese decides its time to tell Fusco the truth about everything.

Root tracks down a radio engineer working with Samaritan agents, which leads her to finding Shaw.

Root manages to prevent Shaw from killing herself, and the POI team reunites at the very end.

Person of Interest
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