Blanca tries to get her family into the holiday spirit, but runs into several roadblocks on Pose Season 1 Episode 3.

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Pray Tell goes to visit a dying friend in the AIDs ward of a hospital and the visit inspires Blanca to make this Christmas one the House of Evangelista will never forget.

However, Angel is reluctant to get involved in the festivities after revealing an incident from her childhood. Back at her own new apartment, courtesy of Stan, she makes him promise he’ll visit her on Christmas Eve but he never shows. That’s because Stan comes home to his boss Matt, who subtle threatens to reveal his infidelity to his wife. Stan stays with her -- even giving her Angel’s gift -- to calm her suspicions.

Damon stays busy preparing Evangelista for the Snow Ball, but when he neglects his dance class and gets thrown out, Blanca bans him from walking for a month. Despite his anger and bitterness, Damon eventually concedes and re-dedicates himself to his dance lessons. He and Ricky also spend the night together for the first time.

Meanwhile, Elektra considers giving herself a long-awaited Christmas present: sexual reassignment surgery. Passionate about taking the next step, the house mother considers how she’ll get the money -- eventually robbing a Salvation Army bucket donation site under the guise of helping her house.

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On Pose Season 1 Episode 3, in spite of Angel's lack of holiday spirit, the House of Evangelista celebrates the holidays and prepares for the Snow Ball.

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Pose Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Blanca: You think this is the first time since I've been diagnosed that I've had to talk about somebody dying of this plague? Don't you dare treat me as delicate.
Pray: The worst part is that I'm used to it by now. Do you know how many boyfriends I've seen go in there over the last four years? How are we supposed to get invested in someone if they can be gone a week later.
Blanca: As if this life wasn't hard enough.

Damon: Papi. That's not what I choreographed. You look like a gremlin.
Papi: I ain't a dancer.
Damon: It's like this: If you are going to win at snowball, and we are all walking as a house, you have to do it like this because that's the way to win, okay? So just watch me.