Stoop Talk - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 7
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Jukebox visits Nicole's grave, and runs into her father who offers her support.

Lou-Lou and Zisa's hookup at the studio is interrupted by a group of men who are owed money from Crown.

Marvin meets with Marco, and asks him to kill Toni for him.

At dinner with Cartier, Raq meets one of his business associates, Traymont. Later, Raq goes to Traymont and asks him to work for her so she can expand the business into the south.

Kanan goes to Palomar to return the gun she gave him and the two hook up. He later meets with Symphony who informs he that he's leaving town for a job opportunity.

Howard finds out that Scrappy wasn't a snitch, it was really his mother.

Burke pulls Symphony over and interrogates him about Kanan. She later looks into his file and discovers that Raq was once Howard's informant.

Raq has dinner with Juliana and Joaquin, explaining that she needs Unique involved in the business for now, and she will be expanding.

Lou-Lou gets jumped by the men looking for Crown, and he then goes to Cartier for financial help. Cartier agrees but asks for half of Crown's piece of the studio, which Lou-Lou reluctantly agrees to.

Symphony tells Raq he's leaving and about his run-in w

Corinne catches Palomar and Kanan in bed together, and later pays Raq a visit.

Marco and Dominic ambush Toni and her boyfriend, and Marco kills Toni. But when he's attacked by the boyfriend, Dominic accidently kills Marco before running off after getting shot.

Raq tells Howard about Burke, and he tells her about Scrappy's mom being an informant.

Jukebox leaves the video of she and Nicole singing on James's doorstep and passes Howard, who is head to speak with him about Burke.

Raq drives by Symphony's and aims her gun at him but doesn't shoot.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Kenya is on her own shit. Always has been.

Marvin [to Jukebox]

Ain't you the one who said insubordination leads to insurrection? Or is that just some shit you talk?

Raq [to Cartier]