In Trouble - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 6
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Raq meets with her crew and tells them she's not giving in to the Italians, and they'll continue to grow the business. 

Worrell tells Raq that Unique has a connection with the Italians. 

Burke looks at Howard's employment file and discovers that he once did undercover work. 

Raq, Marvin, Lou-Lou, and Worrell meet with Unique, who agrees to help her meet with Boselli. 

Kenya takes Jukebox shopping for new dresses. 

Raq meets with Unique and Boselli on the boardwalk. He agrees to a new price point with Raq but demands Unique be in charge of the operation. Raq later tells Unique that she knows he and Worrell set this up. 

Kenan grabs money from the apartments to bring to the bodega, but he and Famous are robbed by a local kid, Freddy. Kanan vows to get the money back, but they cannot find any weapons at Famous's apartment. 

They approach Corrine to secure a knife, but Palomar gives Kanan a gun instead. 

Kanan and Famous get the money back from Freddy, and Kanan beats him. When they leave the building, Famous is apprehended by the police, while Kanan gets away. 

Raq tells Marvin about Kenya being back in Jukebox's life, and she tells Lou-Lou about Crown's offer to get Lou out of Bulletproof Records. 

Marvin visits Kenya and tells her she needs to stay gone. 

Kanan goes to Howard for help getting Famous out of jail, which he does. Howard gives Kanan papers he doesn't look at right away. 

Lou-Lou confronts Crown at the studio and strangles him to death. Zisa witnesses the murder. 

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Raq: It’s a long game, Nique. It’s not about who starts. It’s about who finishes.
Unique: I ain’t gonna lie. It feels like I just hit the buzzer-beater, though.

Lou-Lou: You still fucking with this shit?
Kanan: It’s what we do, Uncle Lou.
Raq: No. It’s what she do.