Kitchen Stand Off - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 10
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Lou-Lou and Raq meet with Dr. Caldwell, who holds a family session between the siblings at the rehabilitation center Raq and Marvin took Lou-Lou to. The two speak about their feelings, with Raq just wanting Lou-Lou to get right.

Marvin looks on at Gerald’s funeral from afar before FBI agents stop over to taunt him.

Krystal asks Kanan if they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, which he rebuffs. She then tells him her period is late.

Iesha meets Jukebox and expresses her anger at being ignored for the past two weeks. Jukebox apologizes, and Iesha kisses her.

Lou-Lou sees Raq out of the facility, and Raq apologizes to him, stating that she got angry with him because she felt like she was losing him. He tells her that not everything she said was wrong and that he has to learn to live with his decisions.

Howard and his union representative meet with Baptiste and Tanner, who asks him if he knows Gerald. Howard denies knowing him, but Tanner continues to wonder why Howard never told him he had a connection to Marvin.

Tanner asks Howard about Lou-Lou and then gives him two days to get back to them before a warrant is issued for his arrest. Howard is then put on modified duty.

Marvin meets with his lawyer and wants him to shake trees within the bureau to get information about what case the FEDs may have on him.

Raq gets shot at in a drive-by shooting.

While out to lunch, Jukebox tells Iesha she’s joining the Army.

Famous goes to Kanan’s apartment and tells him about Raq getting shot at.

Tanner goes to Lou-Lou’s rehab and asks about his connection to Howard, and Lou-Lou declines having one.

Marvin tells Raq the streets are saying Ronnie had her shot at. Raq tells him she doesn’t want a war, and he’s to go to Snaps and Pop to start a conversation.

Kanan storms into the restaurant where Ronnie, Snaps, and Pop meet, demanding to know why he shot at Raq. The tension is diffused by Snaps and Pop and Kanan leaves.

Famous is arrested. At the police station, he finds out his mother gave the police a gun she found in his closet, and they connect it to the murder of Freddy Williams.

Marvin tells Snaps and Pop he’s looking for Ronnie, and they claim not to know where he is. He then tells them there will be a war if they don’t conversate.

Howard tells Raq’s that the jig is up, and they must have Marvin take the fall to protect themselves.

Jukebox and Kanan go for a walk, and Kanan tells Jukbeox face-to-face that it wasn’t him who had Raq shot at. While walking, men kidnap Kanan off the streets.

Marvin and Jukebox show up at Raq’s as she and Howard are discussing their options to tell them about Kanan’s kidnapping.

While in session with Dr. Caldwell, Lou-Lou tearfully tells him he’ll never be more than what he is. Later, he steals an extension cord and attempts suicide before breaking down in tears.

Baptiste and Tanner try talking to Famous, asking about Howard, but Famous asks for a lawyer.

Raq, Marvin, and Howard meet with Snaps and Pop, who tell them Ronnie wants her connect, business, and $500K in exchange for Kanan.

Raq and Marvin go to Stefano’s, and Raq asks him for the money, which he agrees to.

At the warehouse drop, Marvin and Howard bring the money to Ronnie and discover Kanan set his kidnapping up in cahoots with Ronnie. After Ronnie gets the money, Kanan shoots him in the head. Raq then shoots Howard in the head before she, Kanan, and Marvin escape.

Unique appears from the shadows of the warehouse, revealing himself to be alive.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Iesha: So, what does this mean for you and me?
Jukebox: I didn't even know there was a you and me until today.
Iesha: Now you do.
Jukebox: Now I do.

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Raq: Not everything meant to go out into the world, Lou. Some shit needs to stay close.
Lou-Lou: I'm speaking on feelings, Raq. My feelings. Shit that belong to me. Shit that matter to me.