Proud Family - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 9
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Lou-Lou drinks and drives around the neighborhood, hitting a parked car before heading to a liquor store. After failing to locate his wallet, Lou-Lou pulls a gun on the cashier and is shot at before escaping the store.

While waiting for Juliana’s men, Ronnie and his men are confronted by Joaquin, who informs him Juilana is dead and the only reason he’d alive is because of Snaps and Pop.

Marvin oversees the packaging of the heroin at the warehouse into tubs that are distributed to various Chinese restaurants.

Raq meets Jukebox at the diner, and she gives Jukebox a letter from the Army that came to her house accidentally. Raq then admits it hasn’t been fair to talk about Kanan with her and wants to focus on her.

At Café Vous, Famous meets an independent record label owner who’s friends with Shirley, and he wants to set up a meeting with him and Lou-Lou.

Marvin gets into Lou-Lou’s apartment, but there’s no sign of him. Later, he hears about Lou-Lou robbing the liquor store.

Captain Burke goes to Baptiste with his suspicions about Howard and him setting Shannon up, telling him about Howard pressuring James Bingham. Baptiste then makes the connection between Jukebox and Marvin.

Later, Baptiste and Burke talk to Tanner, informing him they believe there’s a link between Shannon, Howard, and Marvin.

Raq meets with Howard, and she tells him they have to find Lou-Lou.

Marvin meets Gerald at the park, and Gerald tells him he’s finishing up the story on Jukebox and that he’s doing better and doesn’t want to be a burden to him any longer.

Famous goes to his old apartment to speak with Kanan, and Ronnie pushes him around before Kanan steps in. Famous asks Kanan if he knows where Lou-Lou is, and Kanan says no but does tell him about Jukebox’s performance.

Ronnie questions Kanan going to the performance when they’re out of work, and Kanan tells him not to worry about what he’s doing.

Butta performs at a New Jersey mall to much acclaim.

The cops are called to the bar where Lou-Lou is passed out, and they haul him away.

Marvin, Kanan, and Raq run into each other after Butta’s performance, and Kanan and Raq threaten one another. Raq also tells Kanan he’s done working, and Kanan tells her she no longer gets to decide when he’s done.

Tanner shows up to the show and takes Jukebox to the station to talk.

The cops who picked up Lou-Lou deposit him at an abandoned house where Howard is. Lou-Lou figures out Howard told Raq about Scrappy, and Howard pulls his gun on him for talking too much.

Marvin goes to the hospital and finds a distraught Gerald, who tells him his daughter drowned in the bathtub while he was passed out high. He then admits to Marvin that he was working with the FBI but hadn’t given them anything.

Tanner questions Jukebox about Marvin and his relationship with Howard, but she refuses to cooperate.

Raq gets to the abandoned house where Howard and Lou-Lou are and tells Howard she knows about the FEDs investigating Marvin. Howard tells her someone has to take the fall, and Raq says she won’t sell out her family.

The FBI goes to Gerald’s and finds him dead from an overdose.

Tanner lets Jukebox go after she again refuses to sell out her father.

Marvin arrives at the abandoned house, and Lou-Lou pleads with Marvin to help him.

Baptiste and Tanner talk to Howard about the relationship between him and Marvin, which Howard vehemently denies.

Kanan meets with Snaps, Pop, and Ronnie, and they tell him Raq needs to be handled.

While Lou-Lou pleads with Marvin to spare his life, Raq drives them far away from the city.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Pop: That boy got mad issues.
Snaps: Yeah, he do. Two of em. You and me, baby.

Ronnie: This is about Raq.
Joaquin: This is about me.