Marvin Works - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8
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While Raq sits at home alone, she’s visited by an inebriated Lou-Lou who yells he’s a killer outside her home until she corrals him inside.

Snaps, Pop, Ronnie, and Kanan meet at the restaurant, where Snaps asks Kanan if he wants to be feared or respected. Later, Snaps tells Kanan about Raq working with Quân.

Raq calls Marvin over to the house, and Marvin tells Raq that Lou-Lou needs help, but Raq wants him to focus on finding out what Ronnie and Kanan are doing.

Jukebox and Iesha hang out at Jukebox’s, and she opens up to her about her about Nicole’s death.

The following day, Raq enlists Joyce to come to the house to babysit Lou-Lou for the day, as she doesn’t want him to leave the house.

Marvin watches Ronnie and Kanan move bags to various couriers outside the apartment building, and Marvin follows one to another building. He assaults the courier after he leaves the building and finds out that the guy is pushing heroin.

Raq meets with Terry, the warehouse owner, and his brother, David, telling them her people will put the product on and off his trucks, and all they will have to do is make room. Terry wants the same deal as Hong, which Raq won’t agree to, leaving them at a standstill.

Jukebox is named the leader at Butta rehearsals, making Krystal mad. Outside the studio, Jukebox and Iesha see Kanan and Krystal together.

Lou-Lou leaves Raq’s house with little resistance from Joyce.

Captain Burke visits James, and he insists Shannon wasn’t the kind of person to give anyone drugs. James then tells her about a visit from another officer who implicated Shannon, and Captain Burke rightfully guesses it was Howard.

Raq meets with Quân, who informs her they have competition. He then tells her to make an example out of them.

Lou-Lou takes a bottle from the bar and leaves Shirley with a tape to give to Famous. Later, Shirley gives the tape to Famous, and he asks if he can use the studio if Lou-Lou is gone, and she agrees as long as he helps out at the bar.

Marvin tells Raq the heroin competition is Kanan, and while he insists on wanting to track down Lou-Lou, she says to focus on the money.

Howard meets with Ogden in Narcotics, and he tells Howard that the task force is zeroing in on Marvin, and when he gets the Narcotics role, he should hit the ground running with it.

Kanan, who’s at his apartment with Krystal, is visited by his social worker, who tells him she got a call from Raq saying Kanan hadn’t been living at home. She then tells Kanan he has 24 hours to get home or he’ll be arrested.

Raq visits Snaps and Pop at the restaurant and demands they stay away from Kanan.

Marvin stakes out the warehouse and sees Terry leave in a car with a woman.

Lou-Lou is almost robbed by two men before pulling his gun on them and then falling over drunk.

Kanan watches on as Ronnie threatens his social worker.

Jukebox is jumped by two girls as she waits for the subway, making her late to Butta rehearsal. When she does arrive, she makes it clear she knows Krystal is behind the jumping.

Raq visits Pernessa and asks her where Ronnie is getting his work from. Pernessa doesn’t want to get involved but does let it slip he’s seeing Juliana.

Marvin pops up in the room with Terry and a mystery woman, having paid her to be there. He takes pictures of the two, and if Terry doesn’t agree to Raq’s terms, he’ll share the photos with Terry’s wife.

Raq visits Joaquin and tells her about Juliana’s involvement with Ronnie. He tells her he needs to vet the information before giving her approval.

Marvin eats at a diner with Gerald and his daughters. He becomes uncomfortable when Gerald asks about Bulletproof Records and their connection to the mob as he prepares for his story on Jukebox.

Later, Tanner visits Gerald at home, asking for information about Marvin or threatening jail time.

Lou-Lou sits idly in his car, looking at his gun.

Raq goes to Juliana’s and kills her.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Raq: Your little brother's gonna fuck all of us up, Marvin.
Marvin: I got better. Lou can, too.
Raq: Yeah, well, not everybody get better. Not everybody wanna get better.

Snaps: What do you prefer? To be feared or respected, Kanan?
Ronnie: Feared.
Pop: He didn't ask you, Urkel.