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Drifty is shot dead by a masked man and later the Serb is shot by the same man and Lobos is stabbed in prison. A card is left at each of the scenes indicating that the Jimenez organization is behind it, but it's later revealed to be Ghost. 

Tommy has breakfast with Tasha and assures her that Ghost and Angela are done. Soon after, Ghost goes to Tommy to discuss Kanan and the threat he poses to them. They set up a plan for Tommy to go to Kanan under the guise that he is there to kill Ghost. 

Mike asks to meet with Greg and he finds out that Angela has set him up and has filed harassment charges against him. He vows later to bring her down. 

Tasha goes to Ghost and asks if he and Angela are over, but he brings up her relationship with Shawn, before telling her that he sent him away. 

Ghost and Tommy meet once more and Tommy confronts Ghost about some of things Kanan told him. Ghost assures him that he is now being honest with him. 

After some trickery and collusion with Mrs. Stern, Ghost is able to get Truth and two other clubs from Stern. He tells Angela about his dersire to go legit but she scolds him. 

At Angela's conduct hearing, Isabelle Ruiz never shows up to testify thanks to Ghost sending Ruiz and his family away.

Holly confronts Tommy with the information that Ghost was the one who sent her away.

Ghost ambushes Kanan and they proceed to fight. Ghost stabs Kanan and then sets the building on fire. However, later investigators discover someone broke out of the room.

Tommy confronts Ghost about sending Holly away and the two end up pulling guns on one another. Dre steps in as Ghost's new second man and Tommy leaves.

Angela goes to Ghost and the two reconcile, with Ghost declaring himself to be legitimate now. 

Tasha identifies Shawn's body. 

Lobos gets a phone from Mike and calls Tommy to tell him to kill Ghost or he will kill them both, along with Holly and their dog. 


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Power Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tasha: You know Ghost said he had a plan, but for a minute I wasn't so sure.
Tommy: Yeah, me either. I mean, I get arrested and he don't? It's hard not to think that that's fucked up, but you should have seen the look on Angela's face when my lawyer pulled out that sketch. Oh yeah, Ghost played her like checkers. She never saw it coming. Ghost put our family first, T. He and Angela are over. Maybe things can go back to the way they were, you know? Before all this shit.

You're right, you are good. But you don't have eyes in the back of your head. You want out, you want to walk away clean. You've gotta cut ties with everyone that knows who you are.

Proctor [to Ghost]