Power: Kanan Gone Too Soon?

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Kanan Stark: He was violent, he sometimes acted like he had no conscience and he certainly showed no remorse for any actions he took. 

In other words, he was a true gangsta played to menacing perfection by one of Power's executive producers and hip-hop icon Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

He served as Ghost's mentor before being overthrown by his disciple and then getting out of prison to become his former protege's tormentor-in-chief.

Planning His Move - Power Season 5 Episode 7

Kanan displayed a ruthlessness hitherto unseen on Power, and that is no mean feat considering the nature of the show he was on.

At this point, pretty much everyone and his dog knows what happened on Power Season 5 episode 8 but in the off chance that you have fallen behind you can always watch Power online right here via TV Fanatic.

Kanan: a name that, though of Arabic origin, sounds suspiciously similar to the biblical land of Canaan which the liberated Jews, led by Moses, invaded and settled in. It may have been deliberate on the writers' part, or maybe it was just a coincidence.

Still, it's hard not to see the similarities between both narratives. Also, there is no forgetting the pivotal role he played in shepherding Tariq down the dark path he currently seems intent on continuing. 

On Task - Power


Tasha: Framing someone is the right idea. But not Dre.
Angela: If not Coleman, then who?
Tasha: You know the name, Kanan Stark?

The big question here is: can they replicate the success they had with the character? And is any current character worthy of carrying that torch? It is difficult to see anyone who can walk the fine line the way he did.

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He teetered expertly on the fringes of the main storyline most of the time while still maintaining a legitimate threat that loomed large over every character that had crossed paths with him.

He was that unpredictable. After all, this was a man who shot his son in the head from point-blank range without even flinching.

Ghost: What the fuck is this? This the gun you used to kill your own son?
Kanan: He wasn't my son no more. He was your son.

A living dichotomy of the best and worst traits getting into the drug business can hammer into a person. He thrived on chaos but was in a way, the most honorable of them all. He lived a life of paranoia, seeing danger at every turn and thinking everyone was out to get him.

His fears weren't unfounded but it made him a cold, calculating machine and we only got to see the frozen heart that was behind the armor very briefly and on occasions that were too far apart to make him a redeemable character.

But to be fair, it never looked like that was a direction they had any desire to take him in and we're certainly not complaining. But he is gone now. Where do we go from here?

Shots Fired- Power Season 5 Episode 1

There is always the option of focusing even more on the cat and mouse game between Ghost and the task force, but that can get old very fast because we've already been at it for five seasons.

What has kept it interesting are characters like Lobos and Kanan always popping up at the most inopportune times to throw a wrench in the works.

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One thing we know for sure is the people responsible for crafting these stories have more than earned our trust and will no doubt continue to churn out thrilling chapters to a narrative that has been one hell of a ride.

An Unlikely Meeting - Power Season 5 Episode 6

Kanan may have been a vile human with a total disregard for human life, but you can also understand where he found his motivation.

He took a young James and Tommy under his wing, and James repaid him by conspiring with Tasha to send him to prison. It doesn't sound like something Kanan will do to one of his own even under duress.


You know all this bad shit happened because you set me up.

Kanan [to Ghost]

He valued loyalty and unlike everyone else on this show, stayed true to his words to the very end.

He played a very long game, parts of which came to fruition before his demise but in that time he proved to be as smart as Ghost, if not more so.

On Task - Power

Like a lot of the best bad guys on TV, there was always a risk that he could outstay his welcome and become a derided figure among the fanbase.

The respawn schtick has already been used once when everyone thought he had been burned to a crisp by Ghost.

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Unless they plan on making him the Loki of the small screen, which by all indications they aren't, then we have seen the definite end of Kanan.

Tommy and Kanan Check In - Power Season 5 Episode 5

The fallout from these chain of events is the fact that we're left with villains who don't provide quite the same screen presence and swagger Kanan brought.

Suffice it to say replacing him is going to be an uphill task for all parties concerned because we've lost a truly great villain, but this is a task the writers' room will no doubt relish. 

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