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It's leaked to the press that Ghost will be Lorette Walsh's running mate for the Governor, but upon meeting with her and telling her that he no longer has a site for the Queens Child Project, she tells him without she will find a new running mate. 

Saxe meets with Warner and implores him to search Ghost's apartment, but he declines. Later, Blanca tells Warner about finding Silver's body and wanting a search warrant. Blanca brings Saxe with her to visit Tate, behind Warner's, and Saxe gets him to lie about Ghost telling Tate he knew Tasha and Silver were having an affair. That affidavit secures a sneak and peek warrant, where Blanca finds the phone Dre planted there. 

Ghost buys a building from his Uncle Gabe, securing the money from Simon Stern and he is officially announced as Lorette's running mate. 

Ghost hallucinates seeing Angela and admits that he sees a future with Ramona. 

When presented with the phone evidence, Warner doesn't believe that Ghost would be dumb enough to take the phone with him. He traces everything back to Saxe and prepares to get him arrested. 

Acting as Saxe's counsel, Tameka tells Warner that a bigger headline is bringing down Ghost and not Saxe. Warner and Blanca then take their evidence to a judge but he declines to bring charges. 

Tariq brings Dre to Ghost and Dre asks for money to get out of town. Ghost agrees but then double-crosses him by getting him arrested for Jason's murder. 

Tommy and Ghost meet and Tommy prepares to kill him but the two are shot at and they both narrowly escape. 

Ghost asks Vincent for a favor and gets a phone in the inside of prison to talk to 2-Bit. 

Paz goes to Ghost and asks him who killed Angela but he doesn't tell her. 

Ghost tells Tasha that he thinks Tariq should confess to killing Ray-Ray, even though he told Tariq he would take the wrap for it. He also tells Tariq the plan, and he is furious. 

Dre meets with Blanca and gets him to lie about being present when Silver was killed by Ghost, securing his release from prison. 

As Ghost closes down Truth for the night, Tariq, Saxe, Tommy, Paz, Dre, and Tasha are seen seemingly waking towards the club. As Blanca prepares to arrest him, a gunshot is fired and Ghost is seen shot and flailing to the ground. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Ghost: That's it, that's it, that's what you are. You's a wannabe gangster. A fucking wannabe. You had all the potential, Dre. But at the end of the day, you ain't got the, the shit to make it work,
Dre: Man, fuck you!
Ghost: Yeah, fuck me. But you need me, Dre. Like you always do. So Imma save you. Like the helpless little bitch you are.

Uncle Gabe: He'd like knowing that you came back to buy this place. Man, he'd be so proud of you, boy.
Ghost: He would be proud of me now, Uncle Gabe.