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Before Ghost's shooting, Dre and his daughter's mother, Tina, argue over leaving New York City for good. 

After meeting with Saxe, Dre meets with his primeras but is ambushed by the Serbians who believe he killed Jason. He barely escapes and then decides he will leave town with Tina and his daughter. 

2-Bit and Spanky meet with Blanca, and 2-Bit identifies Tommy as Poncho's murderer, while 2-Bit stays quiet. 

Dre asks his estranged mother for help but she declines. He then goes to Tasha and tells her he wants money in exchange for keeping quiet about Tariq. 

He meets with Tariq, who pays him and Tariq asks him for a gun. In order to get the gun, Tariq brings Dre to Ghost where he asks for even more money to not rat on Tariq. 

Dre tells Tate that Tariq is being investigated for the murder of Ray Ray, in exchange for new license plates and fake ID's for his family. 

When Dre goes to meet Ghost to get the money, he is picked up by the cops. Ghost enlists Spanky and 2-Bit to kill Dre, but he is released before they can do so when he makes a deal with Blanca.

While being transported to the safehouse, Dre escapes the FBI and he and Tina look to leave town. He meets with Tate to get the ID's and Tate gives him $100K to kill Ghost. 

Dre goes to Truth but before he reaches Ghost, he hears a gunshot and flees. He runs into Blanca while running out and sees Tommy on the street while running away. 

While at a gas station, Dre sees on the news that Ghost has been killed. He is then picked up by the cops and put back in jail. 

2-Bit and Spanky kill him by setting him on fire, and soon thereafter Spanky is released in exchange for flipping on Tommy. 2-Bit then calls Tommy and lets him know that Spanky has flipped. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

You know what I love about criminals? They're predictable as fuck.


Saxe: I'll fix it. Our deal is still on, okay? I got your back.
Dre: Saxe, I got my back. You got a fucking problem.