Taking The Call - Power Season 6 Episode 9
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Tommy brings Cash to his father's house and then has an impromptu meeting with Blanca. 

Ghost looks at an investment property and calls Tommy to see if he planted a gun in the elevator, with the plan being for him to lure Jason to the property and kill him. Tommy tells him that he planted the gun. 

Dre tells Blanca about Tommy's warehouse and she orders a raid. 

After Ghost learns that Tasha is selling drugs out of the daycare and Tariq is helping her, he assaults her and the two threaten one another. 

Later, Ghost calls in an anonymous tip about the daycare, but the cops don't find anything. 

At the warehouse raid, Tommy's crew is arrested while Tommy looks on. 

Jason meets with Ghost at the property, and when he reaches for the gun in the elevator he realizes it's not there. At the same time, Tommy texts Jason and tells him that Ghost is trying to kill him. The two fight and Ghost kills Tommy. He then texts Dre from Jason's phone and tells him to come to the property to frame him, while also telling Jason's men that Dre set him up. 

Benny meets with Ghost and he tells Benny that he believes Tommy killed Proctor. Benny goes to Tommy later and the two fight, with Tommy ultimately killing him. 

Tommy tells Tariq and Tasha that he is going to kill Ghost. 

Saxe and Blana pressure Tasha into admitting Ghost killed Tasha, but instead, she tells them that Ghost killed Terry Silver and leads them to his body. At the scene, Saxe finds a cell phone and takes it without telling Blanca. 

After Dre is seen near Jason's dead body by security at the penthouse, he goes to Saxe for help. Saxe gives him the phone found at Terry Silver's murder scene and Dre plants it in Ghost's suite. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Dre: Tommy keeps all his weight there. His boys, shit you could even probably find him there. Just arrest them motherfuckers. And leave me and my family alone.
Blanca: If this information is right, Tommy and his crew will be off the street by tonight. And we square.

Tommy: I had no reason to kill her. That was my girl. Til the end.
Blanca: Well, if you didn't kill LaKeisha, then who else wanted to keep her quiet?
Tommy: I tell you what, genius. You do your fucking job, you'll find your answer.