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Jesse as a teenager drinking a beer when a lady looking for her lost cat comes by. He tells her about a woman who can tell her where the cat is. It's a scam. We see more of his scams. He gets busted for skimming and in anger kills a chicken. He takes off running and goes to the fortune teller's house looking for answers and gives the dead chicken as payment.

Jesse is with Herr Starr and is going to announce that he's a Messiah. They're at a Catholic school. jesse doesn't want to wear the robe Starr gave him. The whole incident is being taped as he talks to a classroom of kids. The nun is hilariously mean. Before Jesse can perform his miracle a bunch of terrorists enter the school and start shooting. He tries to use Genesis on the terrorists, but it doesn't' work, then he fights them and shoots at them, but the gun doesn't work. So he just goes about beating them up with awesome hand-to-hand combat.

It was all a set up by Herr Starr to spread the word about the Messiah.

Lara and Hoover aren't aware the camera in Tulip's place is fallen. They're packing it up. Jesse is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel. They're celebrating their success.

Cassidy is putting clothes away in Denis' room and looks at his computer to see what Denis has been looking at and finds he's been looking at a vampire website. Cassidy realizes he made a mistake turning Denis.

Tulip is shopping and buys some SPF 100. She gets harassed by the cashier and beats him up then takes money from the register and gives it to the woman she saw stealing food but the woman doesn't take it and Tulip is offended.

Tulip gets home to find Cassidy smoking crack. She gives him a pep talk and she talks about them having a relationship (at least sex.) They kiss. She doesn't think they're going to see Jesse again. Then they go at it, but Cassidy rips into Tulip's neck. It's all a crack dream.

The real Tulip shows up and tells Cassidy she's going to start packing.

Hitler and Eugene get out of the air duct/tunnel, but something follows them.  They're running through a field and then running and running. Hitler takes him to Charon to cross the river back to the other side. Hitler tells him he can't come with then he leaves.

Charon gets on the boat. Charon talks and has a country accent. Before Eugene can get on the boat the demon guard stops them.  Charon has more power but demon guard shoots him down. Eugene just stands there like a dummy instead of jumping on the boat but Hitler comes to the rescue and knocks the demon guard out. Hitler gets Eugene into the boat to cross the river but still stays behind. Hitler is okay with his fate, but Eugene still encourages him to come.

Jesse is in a car with Herr Starr driving somewhere.  He checks his phone and sees there are no new messages. 

Tulip is packing.and as she's leaving she drops her lip balm and finds the camera. Tulip finds the other camera and knows it was the Men in White who were watching them. Cassidy leaves the dog with Denis, but Denis sees Tulip's undies that Cassidy took out of the dryer and starts playing with them. Then Denis talks in ENGLISH and asks his father if he can be good. Then, Cassidy shoves Denis out of the window into the sunlight and he burns to dath.

HITLER IS FREE. He's on a bus with Eugene. They're out of their prison clothes. The bus drops them off near Annville and Hitler takes off even getting hit by a car, but still runs.

Tulip is in the car singing, waiting for Cassidy. He lies about Denis. Tulip goes to visit Jenny before she leaves and Tulip walks in and sees everything packed up. She finds manuals and finds the glue from the camera. She's got a screwdriver behind her back while Jenny has a gun behind hers. Hoover comes out of the bathroom in a towel. Whoops. Then Tulip brings up Dallas and the gun goes off.

Jesse leaves on a plane with a bunch of reporters asking questions. Starr is his spokesperson. He tells everyone they'll learn more on Kimmel. He gets a call from Cassidy and takes off. Tulip was shot. Starr cancels the ambulance. Jesse gets to the apartment to try to help and Tulip goes into cardiac arrest. Cassidy tells him to use Genesis, but it's not working.

Cassidy wants to turn her into a vampire, but Jesse won't let him. He tells Cassidy to just let Tulip die and they do. Then Jesse and Tulip are driving in Tulip's car with a dead Tulip in the backseat. Cassidy tells him that he hates him. They arrive in Angelville where the chicken is alive and well. 

Mandog has his costume off and is showering. When he opens the door we are met with a brilliant light. This is God indeed.



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Preacher Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jesse: I didn't sign up for this shit.
Herr Starr: Spoken like a true Messiah.

Charon: If I say he's free to go. He's free to go. Those are the rules.
Superintendent: I don't know if you've heard, but God is gone. The rules have changed.