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This week on Pretty Little Liars, Allison’s memory is immortalized with a park bench, fountain, and personalized tiles. Jason, Ali’s older brother, returns and takes over the memorial service, changing the program to include a speech from Jenna.

Aria deals with the loss of her mother and Ezra, but finally decides to move on and join a double date with Hanna, Sean, and Noel, the most eligible boy at school. She begins to warm to the idea of being with Noel despite a shaky start.

Emily finally takes her relationship with Maya out of the closet as the two cuddle and make out in a movie theater on their first date. She also finds out that her father will soon be returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Hanna finds out that her mother is having financial difficulties and tries to help supplement their father’s missing income by selling her designer handbags online (with the help of Lucas).

Spencer confronts Jenna about her involvement in the memorial. Jenna reveals that during her visits to the hospital, Ali told her that she was done with her group of friends because she was scared of Spencer. Spencer also spends a lot of time with Jason in preparation for the memorial and finds out that Ali told her brother that it was Spencer who pushed the girls into causing the accident that cost Jenna her vision.

Toby is still nowhere to be found, but the detective reveals that Toby called Ali the night she disappeared. At the memorial, Jenna says kind words about Ali, keeping the group’s secret and Melissa’s former boyfriend Ian shows up.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's immortality, my darlings.


Aria: How did he get into an Ivy League school?
Spencer: It must have been affirmative action for goths and emos.