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Addison is starved for loving. We know this because she dreams of Pete. Constantly. Eventually, Naomi and Violet are in on it. Their solution, of course, is ... self-gratification. Addison claims she's never done that.

One thing's for sure, Addison needs something to keep her libido in check, especially since it's affecting her at work. After a near-encounter with Pete, Addison takes her friends' advice and buys a showerhead. At least, that's what we assume happened, as it's the name of the episode and it's pretty much implied! Bottom line? Girl needs some loving. STAT.

The most important story of the week, though, was that of Violet and Allan (Brett Cullen). After four episodes of Violet constantly talking about him, Allan finally appears. This is the man she's accused of semi-stalking.

At first, she seemed dead set on patching things up, and getting back into his good graces. But eventually, Violet woke up and ended it for all.

Naturally, Cooper longs for her and sulked after he saw Allan at Violet's place. But is truly a good friend to Violet and deeply loves her.

Now that she dumped Allan (let's hope we don't hear from him ever again), will we see Cooper and Violet become a couple? He'll have to get his act together a bit first, but showing up with the "breakup" kit (food, girly movies) was a really nice gesture. These two are great.

Violet tells Sam that he and Naomi are not her friends, but rather more like a corporation. And at times it seems this is the case, as Sam and Naomi are not friendly to one another at the onset of this week.

Yet after learning that their daughter was having sex at the young age of 13, Sam and Naomi but their differences aside and focus on what is most important, and what is the next step they must take. They still argued a bit - trying to shift blame on who should have talked to Maya about sex - but all in all, they came together a bit over this.

Here's hoping only better things lie ahead for these two, and for Addison and Pete, and Cooper and Violet. Dell, who we rarely hear from sometimes, is back in Addison's good graces after assisting her with difficult pelvic exams. Clumsy he may be, but you can't deny his enthusiasm!

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You guys are so not friends. You are like a corporation.


Pain is what forces us to grow.


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Song Little Black Sandals Sia
Song Look What You've Done to Me Sheila Skipworth
Song Mas Que Nada Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66