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It's all about the magic. Do you believe in it? Can it be found? Does it even exist?

When Addison turns to Pete for help treating a newlywed couple who can't consummate their marriage (really, they can't, no matter how much they try, those gates are closed), she gets some interesting advice... and learns a lot about her fellow doctor in the process.

The girl is a virgin who has not yet had sex at 35. All that waiting and when she was finally ready to let it go, her "hoohah" didn't cooperate.

But Pete and Addison paired up with their respective backgrounds to help them get their own form of magic, despite their lack of faith that magic really exists. Meanwhile, Addison is seemingly working overtime to push Pete away, and to a degree, vice versa.

The scenes at the beginning, where Pete visits his late wife's grave at the urging of Violet in an attempt to move on were very telling. He clearly has not moved on. Maybe his experience with Addison on this case will go a long way to helping them find magic together.

As for Violet, she's not a very good psychiatrist... or at least she could use one herself.

She's listening to a message left by her ex - presumably months ago - over and over in her office. And despite her claims that she rules at her job, her latest helpful advice backfires when she talks a patient into asking for a divorce from his wife. Upon hearing his bold declaration, the wife starts to bleed from her nose uncontrollably. Just the reaction you want!

At the same time, Cooper has to treat some blue children. Literally! We're talking cornflower blue here people. At first, it's one, and he thinks it's the result of dental anesthesia. But when the four little blonde kids start to turn blue at once, it's beyond perplexing. In the end, he discovers they are poisoned from the fertilizer on their lawn and inhaled its toxic fumes. At least they're getting some fresh air!

Dell knows the best way to win affections of your love interest is through baked goods. Or so he thinks. Not sure it will work in this case, but Naomi sure does enjoy Dell's grandmother's cake, which he brings in. At least it is clear Dell wants to reach out to someone he cares about in his own way.

He's barking up the wrong tree, though, and she really lets him have it in the end. Naomi continues to wallow in her own misery and seems reluctant to try to reach out to Sam, who's got their teenage daughter staying at his pad this week. We don't see a lot from Mr. Bennett in this episode.

Maybe it's like Pete said, though. Nothing is perfect, and perhaps there is no magic. We just have to try to muddle through and make the best of each day, and choose as best we can to make our lives happy.

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