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As the second episode of Private Practice commences, Naomi gets angry when Cooper hires a stripper for Sam. Pete, for his part, doesn't score points when he treats the stripper's medical problem. The Oceanside doctors join forces with Dr. Charlotte King at the hospital to help a sick baby.

Addison and Violet are wondering what the surprise is for Sam that Cooper and Pete are in on. Cooper worries when he finds out that Naomi is on her way over. Everyone runs to the window to watch Sam's surprise, Ginger the stripper, knock on his door.

Instead of enjoying the stripper, of course, Sam examines what looks to be like a rash on her rear end. Naomi walks in, ready to hang out with Addison and catch up, then sees what's going on and is disgusted. She later ignores Sam, upset that he let a stripper visit him.

Addison is mad at Pete for getting involved in the hiring of the stripper. He blames it on Cooper, naturally. Naomi grills Sam about the stripper. Good guy that he is, he tells her he did not sleep with her.

Later, Addison goes off on Pete when Ginger visits the clinic and Pete appears as though he is interested in having her around. As they relax after a long day at work, he assures her that he's not interested in a woman like Ginger, but wants a real woman. Definitely sparks here!

On the work front, Sam makes a house call to his patient, Dave, and finds him unconscious on the floor. Addison teams up with Cooper to help a sick baby named Emily.

Sam goes to the hospital to check on Dave and finds out that Charlotte has released him.

After looking at the test results, Addison sees that the parents didn't pass on a particular genetic mutation to Emily because they are not her parents. Charlotte goes to Naomi and Addison with some info.

Violet sits down Emily's parents to tell them that it's very possible their daughter was switched at birth and according to California law, they will have to give her back and take their biological child home instead.

Not surprisingly, this revelation comes as extremely devastating news to both Emily's parents and the parents of the other baby, both of whom find their lives turned upside down in a split second.

Sam figures out that Dave and his son are being poisoned by Dave's mother, and confronts the mother about poisoning her son, which she did to teach him a lesson for being an alcoholic, not intending to kill him.

To remedy the situation, Sam (Taye Diggs) holds an intervention with Dave and his family, telling Dave he's developed an allergy to alcohol, rather than exposing Dave's mom.

Addison takes Sarah's father to task when she learns he knew that Emily was sick and switched the babies' records on purpose. The police come to arrest him as the wife sits in disbelief.

Violet sits with Sarah's mom, who is now Emily's mom. She will be raising this baby alone, without her husband. The mother breaks down, knowing that it's possible Emily will die before she is five.

The babies are switched as two mothers grieve the loss of a child, while gaining a new one. They give each other tips on how to take care of their new babies as tears stream down their faces.

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Addison: What kind of surprise is this?
Cooper: One named Ginger.

Addison: What are you people doing in my house?
Cooper: I told you. It's a surprise. It's a surprise for Sam.
Addison: You know about this?
Pete: Sadly, I do.
Addison: If it's a surprise for Sam, then why aren't you at Sam's house?

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Song Same Mistake James Blunt
Song Hope for the Hopeless A Fine Frenzy
Song Leave Me Alone Frank Popp Ensemble