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The men are trying to avoid the women as Private Practice gets underway. It is awkward between the two camps for sure. Cooper and Violet decide to not address their failed attempt at a sexual encounter and to just be friends again. Addison and Pete are able to work together despite the fact that Pete is jealous of Addison dating - more on that shortly - while Addison thinks Pete stood her up for no reason.

After failing at friends with benefits with Violet last week, Cooper goes back to his online dating self. He decides to meet "CanYouHandleMe441" at the bar... lo and behold it is Dr. Charlotte King. It turns out she has a side of her we didn't really know about and she certainly showed it off at the end. of her that we didn't know existed. We'll see how she and Cooper play as a couple, should the writers keep going down that road.

After telling Pete that she's done with him, Addison agrees to go out on a date with Carl, a patient of Violet's. Her first date with Carl goes well. But Carl, a.k.a. Trunk, probably isn't ready for it. While at the hospital to get the shoe removed from his trunk (figure it out), Carl asks Violet to break things off with Addison for him. Comedy ensues as Violet tries to do what he asks without giving away too much and Addison gradually figures out what this guy's deal is in her head, then can't believe it.

Meanwhile, Sam and Naomi are all smiles, even as they agree that the other night was just "a slip up." But while working on a case together, a priest tells them that to God they'll always be married. They do make a good team. Sam makes the first move and takes Naomi's hand, and soon enough, they end up in bed together again. Will they reconcile or will they continue to work amid massive tension? It's looking more and more like the former.

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Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

"If they talk about us, we should talk about them."


"I don't get stood up. I'm Addison."


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Song Tell Me Private Practice Sharon Jones
Song Crazy 'Bout You Baby Ike and Tina Turner
Song Learning As We Go Leona Naess