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Babies. Sex. Lots of both. That's what we're looking at as Private Practice returns from a one-week hiatus with an all-new episode November 14, "In Which Sam Gets Taken For a Ride."

A young pregnant widow, Susan, comes in with a birth plan. Her husband, a police officer, was killed on duty, and his buddies want to be a part of Susan's labor and delivery. One of them offers to be in the room with her during delivery. She wants nothing to do with them, however.

After a heart-to-heart with Pete, and Addison climbing into a birth pool to give her support during the final pushes, Susan - who was hysterical about being alone, and raising this child alone just moments before - gives birth to a baby boy who is welcomed by the police officers. It's sweet.

In other baby action, Dell has an opportunity to deliver the fourth child, and the first daughter, to a woman so used to labor and delivery that it takes about six minutes (and she didn't recognize she was in labor in the first place). But in an unexpected twist the ultrasound was mistaken, and the fourth child is another boy.

The mom freaks out, and demands - demands - a girl. It's not pretty at the moment at Oceanside. With the help of Violet (Amy Brenneman), Cooper (Paul Adelstein), Naomi, and Dell, she tells her husband he needs to be more of a husband and father, and less of a plan to their sons. Looks like this opened up more of a can of worms than anyone guessed!

Violet and Cooper decide to become "friends with benefits" but Cooper tells her he can't go through with it... after he's already seen her naked. You get the feeling he wants more than this from her, and is trying, in his own awkward way, to become more of a man that he has ever been.

Meanwhile, Addison (Kate Walsh) and Pete (Tim Daly) make a date to have the sex after some hot moments between them, but Pete ends up standing her up, visiting Violet to confess that he and his dead wife had been trying to get pregnant before she passed away. Fittingly, as this is going on, Cooper retreats to Addison's house, where they share their sad love stories over pizza.

Sam (Taye Diggs) is called by a patient, Kelly, to a liquor store, where he finds she has shot her boyfriend in the leg... and has gone into labor. Upset that her boyfriend has left her, with no money, Kelly is in hysterics. But Sam, the ultimate smooth operator, delivers the kid on the floor of the liquor store.

As the credits prepare to roll, Naomi (Audra McDonald) jumps Sam just seconds after chewing him out for delivering a baby without help, while the mom held a gun on him. Sometimes it takes a crisis to make you realize what you are about to let go of - and what's work fighting for!

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Private Practice Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pete: I think we should stop kissing.
Addison: Ohh.
Pete: I mean, come on, what are we, 12?
Addison: No. We... definitely, you're not.
Pete' [leans in for another kiss, but Addison stops him]
Addison: Which is why I do not want to be just another notch in your... acupuncture table.

Addison: We... were just talking about a case...
Pete: I was... She needed a consult on the...
Dell: [points to his head] Locked. In the, uh, Dell vault. All right? Patients are here.
Addison: We're in the Dell vault.
Pete: Locked in the Dell vault.