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Katie Kent is on trial.

As expected, this brings back a whole host of emotions for Violet, who cannot bring herself to testify.

As soon as she looks at Katie, it's all over. She's not ready to relive it, no matter the consequences.

Her coworkers are equally, if not in the same way, affected by the drama.

Pete wants her to make sure Katie goes to prison, but then Katie's dad, followed by Katie herself, plead with Violet to tell them that wasn't her because she was insane.

She isn't that monster, she insists. She wants Violet to testify because Violet the psychiatrist knows she is insane and will therefore go to a psychiatric facility, not jail.

Violet ends up finally, tearfully testifying, despite the victim inside her that wants Katie to rot in jail.

She tells the court that, in her expert opinion, Katie was temporarily insane. Pete's pissed she did this, and when he cries, Violet realizes he was also Katie's victim.

She apologizes, and he tells her not to do that, but just to come back to him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's trying to get Sam to sign off on her joining the practice, and when he finally does, Cooper learns that her specialty is "sexology."

Cooper's not happy that his girlfriend's going to help people sexually and almost calls her a hooker. He gets drunk and tells her off.

Really, this is because he's insecure about the specialty and the money involved, since she also bought him into the practice.

But, after Violet's trial, when he comes to her, she tells him this is who she is and she likes it so he can take it or leave it.

He takes it, realizing his strong woman is actually a keeper after all.

On the medical front, Addison and Naomi spend the episode dealing with the swapped unborn babies from last season's finale.

One of them has a tumor that will kill it without surgery, but the surgery's risky too. The women have grown close, though, so the surgery ultimately happens.

But the baby doesn't make it, and the woman's husband comes back, so the other one runs away with their baby still inside her.

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