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Sheldon and Cooper treat a kid who's being bullied at school. He tries to take his own life but the doctors actually encourage his mother to let him handle his own problems instead of being quite so overprotective.

Addison and Amelia treat a patient who is pregnant and feels pain, but does not know why. Amelia figures out it's because of pressure on her brain, and they operate to save her. Pete bonds with the husband.

Betsey returns to Oceanside and her aunt promptly abandons her there.

Violet wants to take her in but ultimately cannot. No one else volunteers.

Despite how happy she was with Violet, Betsey is off to foster care.

It's sad for Dell's daughter, who has already been through so much.

Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Where am I going to sleep tonight?


Your do-over is not with Betsey. It's with Lucas.