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An addiction-riddled patient, Emily, routinely shows up pregnant, and is routinely paid CASH by Pete, Charlotte and Violet to give up her babies.

Emily says she’s clean and wants this one. Addison is willing to help, but Pete tries to convince her to have her tubes tied during the c-section.

Addison delivers the child but no tubes are tied. Sadly, Emily responds to an offer of more money and Addison ends up paying her off personally.

This ties in with Addison's own desire for a child. She tells Sam Emily’s baby could be THEIR baby. It won't be, but she wants one. Soon.

He says to wait, and to trust him.

Cooper is livid when the D.A. will not file charges against Charlotte's attacker. She puts on a good front, but behind that calmness is ... not.

Cooper calls her out over all her cliches. She bawls and later admits to Naomi that she’s afraid Cooper is going to leave her.

Maybe there is some reason to worry. He makes a pass at Amelia, then admits in Sheldon’s office that the Charlotte he fell in love with is gone.

Coop also treats a patien who eats too much ... because he didn't want to be touched anymore. Cooper suspects the dad and attacks him, but his mom was the culprit.

Bizzy calls Addison late at night. It's not good. A plane lands, she steps out and we see her longtime lover being taken off the plane in a wheelchair.

Private Practice
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