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Will comes over to visit Megan and tells her they're starting the magazine (Ripple!) and she should look at the office space tomorrow.  Megan goes with Will and his father to look at the space and they meet the new Editor in Chief, David Besser (Robert Buckley).  Megan discusses her plan on her first article with Will and decides on interview Senator Pearl who she met at a cocktail party.  Megan runs into David at a coffee shop and pitches her idea about Pearl and he says she's too young to coast on her connections and needs to work harder on an idea.

Will comes to pick Megan up for dinner from the office and she tells him that David didn't like her Pearl idea.  Will is insulted she always takes everyone's opinion but his and brings up Charlie again.  They have a huge fight and when they leave, David comes out, having overheard the whole fight.  

The next day, Will has his interview for the job with David and comes out to his father who told him he got the job at Senior Editor of Photography.  Obviously the interview didn't even matter and it upset Will he didn't earn the job.  Meanwhile, Megan goes in for her interview and she's rejected because David saw the fight and doesn't want drama in his office at the start of the magazine.  Megan tells Will she didn't get the job and he tells her he'll make his father get her a job.  She doesn't want it unless she earns it.  The two of them fight.

The Twins
The episode opens with Rose waking up on Laurel's couch with no sign of Luarel yet.  Laurel sneaks in and when Megan tells her about Elyse and about what the girls know, she tells Megan not to say a word about knowing.  Laurel goes to lunch with Elyse and we find out that Miles is in a coma and she plans on suing Laurel for causing Miles' heart attack through emotional distress of not getting to know his granddaughters.  Laurel then talks to the girls to tell them Elyse only approached them to try and sue.  Rose is still upset they haven't met their grandfather and plans to go visit him.  Rose talks to Megan about it and Megan accidentally lets it slip she knows where he lives.

Sage chases Rose to the airport where she tells her why she's been so distant, she feels responsible for their parents death.  Apparently her parents were supposed to board an earliier flight but Rose kept them on the phone during a temper tantrum forcing them to board the flight that kiled them.  Rose leaves.  At home, Laurel tells Sage that Miles has passed away and when Rose returns she never got to see him in time.  Rose ends up packing up her stuff and moving out of Sage's room and into her own.  She wants to start to feel more independent.

The episode begins with Marco making turtles to try and win back Keith.  He stops by Keith's unexpectantly with the turtles and sees candles lit inside and hears a woman's voice inside!  Marco leaves and Keith comes over the next day to explain that was his friend, Jennifer (Jennifer Elise Cox), who he planned on getting drunk with and trying to have a baby to start the family he wants.  Marco tries to get Jennifer to back off

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Marco: Waiting for a distraction is not a plan
Megan: Well it's less fattening than your turtle plan

I did the math and it turns out Smirnoff vanilla vodka is cheaper than artificial insemination