Megan and Charlie Kiss
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The episode opens with Marco and Megan talking about her dad not calling and winning Keith back for Marco.  Charlie comes over to announce he got into all three colleges he applied to and is choose UC San Diego.  Charlie tells Mandy and they decide not to do the long distance thing but to make the best of the two days they have left and she's gonna throw a kick butt going away party.  Megan tells Will how sad she is Charlie is leaving and he suggests she does dinner alone with him.

Charlie goes to get his haircut by Lily and he suggest to her that she should be taking care of her father and not make Megan do it this time around.  Lily then tells Charlie he can't escape his feelings for Megan by moving, he needs to confess to get a clean slate.  Megan comes over to Charlie's and kidnaps him from packing.  That night they're both very drunk and Charlie is teaching Megnan to surf and after she gets on the board, she loses balance and falls into his arms.  Charlie kisses her and Megan even seems to kiss back!  Charlie tells her he loves her and if she feels the same way he'll stay but before she can respond a secuirity guy comes by and tells them to leave the beach.

The next morning Megan comes by with a bucket of chicken for Charlie and tells him she doesn't feel the same way.  Megan then goes to tell Will and the two of them have a big fight and he forgives her and she tells him she still wants to go to his party.  At the party, Lily tells Megan that it's her turn to take care of their dad and then Charlie grabs Lily to go play beer pong.  Will shows up and he and Megan join the rest for the game of peer pong.

After Will beats Charlie in the game, Charlie tells Will that he always win.  An angered Will calls Charlie out for kissing Megan and Charlie ends up punching Will.  Mandy tells Megan that she's a bad person for being so selfish as to never think about Charlie.  Megan blames things on Will and he leaves angry that he'll always be second.  Megan and Charlie then have a cute talk where they say they'll find a way to make it work as friends.  The episode ends with Charlie leaving.

Rose and Sage
Sage is nervous about telling Luis she's a virgin and Rose is nervous about telling Zach she's not!  Sage goes to tell Luis and he tells her that's great because he's been waiting for marriage.  Sage is freaked out he's religious and leaves the room.  Rose, meanwhile, tells Zach and is shocked to find out he also had sex with his ex-girlfirend who he dated fot wo years.

Rose looks up Zach's ex, Polly, on Facebook and becomes obsessed with her.  Rose ends up following her to her work and when Zach calls Rose she admits to being there stalking.  Zach takes it as a compliment.  Rose goes to leave and on her way out, Elise, Mile's daughter, confronts her and tells her Miles is her grandfather!  Rose goes home and waits for Laurel to come back.

Sage, meanwhile, goes to Church with Luis and is hesitant to go in at first.  While inside, Sage cries, and outside tells Luis the last time she's been to Church was for her parents' funeral.  At the end of the episode Sage goes to confession and says she's the reason her parents die.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Rose [about Luis]: What if he started avoiding you after you told him you never had sex before?
Sage: I would hate him.
Rose: Exactly. Almost as much as I hate emo

[after Megan and Charlie kiss]
Megan: Woh..
Charlie: I love you Megan.. Tell me you feel the same way and I won't go. Tell me you need me to stay