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Malcolm is having a hard time with the aftermath of Endicott's death. Everyone thought he fled and his body was found in Estonia. Martin helped Malcolm with how to dispose of the body including dismemberment and it haunts him. Ainsley doesn't remember anything and Jessica doesn't know.

Martin was moved back to the psych ward after helping stop COVID spread. He has a new roommate who he tries to kill after the guy threw something at Malcolm upon his visit.

Gil is in rehab still for his injury and JT is in charge. Their first case had Malcolm on a ledge catching a strangler their next one had a decapitated woman. Martin leads him to the only guillotine in the area owned by a Rockstar. It was used but the Rockstar was out of town. They follow noises to his dungeon where a man was held captive.

Malcolm spazzes on him when he realizes its the victims boyfriend. Dani trains her weapon on Malcolm at some point..The victim and her boyfriend got awag with killing someone in Texas and a framing an innocent person. The boy was out to death so the executioner sought revenge.

Dani checks on Gil. She has concerns about his relationship with Jessica because he was reckless and got hurt because of her. Jessica overhears their conversation and leaves.

The real killer comes to Malcolm's house. Theyfght and he confesses. Dani comes to get him.

JT arrives at the scene and signals for backup, but they treat HIM like a criminal. They choke him up against a wall and ignore when he says he's a cop. When he pushes one off they draw their weapons. Dani and Malcolm stop them.

JT worries his job is over now because it's their word against his. Gil returns and says he has his back they all do.

Malcolm sees Martin again. Martin thanks him for protecting Ainsley but then says they're alike and that Malcolm liked dismembering Endicott and getting away with it. It haunts Malcolm.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dani: Bright! You were supposed to wait for us to anchor the tether.
Malcolm: Seems like you anchored the tether.
JT: Anchor that tether, Edrisa!
Edrisa: On it! I went through a light bondage phase in Hoboken. I'm great with knots.

This ledge is taken.