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Martin talks about how he's doing after his morning routine. His former roommate talks about getting released and all the men in the group therapy seem upset.

Jessica brings in Hans to replace the rug that they got rid of Endicott's body in. She inquires about that night again and Malcolm lies about how they spilled wine on it.

Martin is talking to Mr. David about Malcolm in the courtyard when Jerry's body lands near them.

They call in Gil and the team.

Gil is annoyed by Martin but agrees to what he says about Jerry not being suicidal. Edrisa rules that it isn't either. She's fascinated by Martin and they both talk nerdy doctor stuff. She's riveted and Gil reminds her that he killed people.

Malcolm tells Ainsley that Jessica is in interrogation mode so be on the lookout. She wishes that she can remember more from that night and Malcolm tells her that she doesn't and her brain is protecting her. She wants to talk to Martin, but Malcolm tells her not to. He says that he'll let her in on the next case if she promises to not talk to Martin or discuss that night. But the next case is at Claremont. Ainsley is excited.

Ainsley has a flash of a memory when Jessica shows her the new rug. 

Edrisa gives them the rundown of Jerry's autopsy and has Martin on speakerphone. He remains valuable to the case even though Gil hates it. 

Martin wants to be part of the team in order to help. He suggests that Malcolm sit in on his next therapy session with the guys to see who could've killed Jerry. 

The men are reluctant at first but when they realize it's Martin's son they think he's crazier than them.

They use the opportunity to talk about Malcolm calling the cops on his father. He gets defensive. He confronts Martin.

They are able to segue to Jerry and Malcolm starts asking questions. They all claim they were happy for Jerry and that he needs to be asking how Jerry got on the roof. There's a gold key card that opens everything. 

Martin shifts that to the therapist and Malcolm asks to see Dr. Marsh's card. It's gold and an inmate attacks him thinking he did it. 

Marsh claims that his key card was stolen. Marsh says that Jerry would've been proof that his therapy worked and that he gave Jerry the card to say goodbye to friends.

Ainsley tells Malcolm that she remembers blood on her hands. He tries to blow her off. She wants to talk to Martin.

Malcolm tells Martin that Ainsley is remembering. He's also noticing that Martin keeps eyeing the key card. Dani comes in to tell them Jerry was on camera going to the women's ward library.

Malcolm talks to the warden there Andre. It's where the crime scene is. They figure out that Jerry was involved with a female inmate. Malcolm works the profile and does process elimination until he gets the right woman and Dani is impressed.

Jessica calls Martin and tells him that she thinks something happened. She suspects the kids rehearsed a story because the memorized the exact vintage of the wine. He throws her off of their scent, but he also leaves enough there to haunt her. 

Ainsley comes to see Martin.

Malcolm talks to Rhonda. She tells him that Jerry was scared of Martin because he wanted to escape. Malcolm goes to confront Martin but Ainsley is there. Malcolm tells Ainsley that Martin killed Jerry.

Malcolm and Martin shout it out. But Malcolm quickly realizes that Rhonda pinned it on Martin because she may have been mad that he fixed Jerry and Jerry was leaving.

Except Marsh tells Gil that Rhonda was having an affair with Andre the guard. She attacks Andre and uses his key to escape. 

Malcolm and Martin get trapped by her in an elevator and they end up in the basement. Malcolm confronts her and she tasers him repeatedly. Martin gathers up things to escape and wants to make a run for it. 

Dani comes for backup and is assessing the situation when Martin sneaks up on her. They devise a plan to distract Rhonda while they take her down. Malcolm gets the key card that Martin tries to get it.

Jessica confronts Malcolm about a spot a blood she found on a book and says she wants the truth. She thinks Malcolm killed Endicott at first, but realizes Ainsley did it and he was protecting her. He says he's worried about Ainsley. 

Ainsley looks at Martin's journals and books in his office. She has a nightmare later on and climbs into bed with her mother. Jessica doesn't know what to think about Ainsley. 

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Lieutenant Arroyo, Gilly, this isn't a suicide. I was in therapy with Jerry just a few hours ago. All he could talk about was his impending freedom, and lobster, a man like that does not then go and kill himself does he? 


Martin: Ugh, come on, Martin. It's my form, right?
Mr. David: It's so much more than that.