Guns Ablaze
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Hynek is cleaning out his office and removing all Project Blue Book-related materials and having flashbacks about the cases.

He gets a call from Mimi. He really doesn't want to quit, but she's basically forcing him.

Susie is meeting with her husband about Mimi. He wants her to have an affair with her and take photos as a way to blackmail Hynek.

Quinn finds Hynek packing things up and Hynek gives him his resignation. Quinn is pissed off. They start arguing when a guy comes into the office (Thomas) with his wife Vivien and they want to talk. When Quinn says no, Thomas pulls out a gun.

Thomas claims he's been abducted.

The two take everyone hostage. Thomas tells Hynek his story.

Vivien shows Hynek a drawing Thomas made. It's odd.

Mimi is packing up Allen's stuff from his home office. Susie's visits on the pretense she was beaten up again. Susie wants her and Mimi to get drunk.

The drawing Thomas made is a map of all the alleged sightings.

Mimi and Susie are getting drunk but Susie puts something in Mimi's drink. And stupid Mimi tells Susie Allen is quitting Blue Book.

The MP's start to realize something's wrong in the PBB office. Meanwhile, Quinn and Hynek argue the validity of Thomas' story.

Hynek tries to calm the situation by offering to hypnotize Thomas to find out what really happened to him. Things get touchy and Thomas takes them hostage...again and locks them in the office.

Hynek and Quinn fight. Quinn is pissed off.

Thomas makes Vivien remove something from his neck.

Quinn is being an ass.

Mimi is completely drunk and drugged and Susie helps her to bed.

Hynek wants to take his tapes and Quinn is pissed. He's mostly pissed that Hynek is leaving. Hynek is pissed because Quinn is pretending to be blind. They get into a physical fight.

Susie is raping Mimi. Vivien is cutting the object out of Thomas' neck. Hynek and Quinn continue to fight.

Vivien shows them the object from Thomas' neck and Allen analyzes it.

The MPs surround the office. Susie gets a call from the husband. She wants to meet him tonight.

No one is answering the phone in the blue book office. Thomas is freaking out.

The disk from Thomas' neck is doing strange things as the MPs breach the office. Thomas is taken on a stretcher.

Hynek isn't going to quit. Quinn doesn't want him too. He asks Hynek to reconsider.

Susie kills her husband and then smokes a cigarette after she shoots him before she gets out of the car and walks away.

When Hynek gets home hte man in the black hat is there and gives him a letter. He tells Hynek that something big is about to happen.

Hynek whispers what the man told him to Mimi and Hynek gets ready to leave. Something big is happening. The guy gave him a plane ticket.











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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We can't help him unless we know what he's been through. Captain.


Quinn: Resignation letter? Is this a joke?
Hynek: No.